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  • 家庭社会学二十年
  • Article reviewed the development of family sociology in China in the last two decades. Several nationwide research projects on family of urban and rural China has been conducted by Chinese family sociologists during this period. The achievements of the projects are not only in having some findings in family studies but also in getting a research team in family studies in China into shape. In the passed twenty years ,the studies on the change in“ all aspects of family have made great progress too. It might be expected thai family studies in China would fruit more in the coming two decades.
  • 日本家庭研究动向及日中家庭研究课题
  • The article paid much attention to a nationwide investigation of family conducted by the Japanese Association of Family Sociology while making a brief review and sum-up on the history and the recent pulse of family sociology in Japan. Besides,it also made a brief introduction to the exchange and cooperation of family studies between Japanese and Chinese gcholars in the last decade.
  • 工业化与家庭制度变迁
  • Based on a comparative study between urban and rural family system in different areas of China,we found that the process of industrialization and urbanization did have strong effect on the change of the family system. The family system in some rural areas where the main production mode is still agricultural is patriarchy. The family system in some rural areas where the process of industrialization or urbanization is going on is on the way of changing from traditional patriarchy system into modem dual system. The family system in urban areas is non-patriarchy, the status of husband and wife is almost the same. Another finding of this paper is that difference of the economical development level does not have strong effect on change of family system.
  • 择偶标准:五十年变迁及其原因分析
  • Using the data from a survey conducted in Shanghai and Harbin Cities, the present article employs regressing model to identify the most important mate-selec-tion preferences. The findings show that Chinese people still value the stability and longlasting of marriage. However, since late 1980s‘, people began to pay more attention to socioeconomic and physical conditions. The results did not find any evidence to support the previous studies which hypothesized that people who are over marriageable age and have a lower occupational status generally gave more consideration to economic features of the potential mates and that young people paid more attention not to recent economic status but tothe potentials which could be transformed into material gains in the future. The author believes that the more modernization of our living environment, the more attention given to romantic love. Although this is a no cultural boundary trend,it does not mean that there exists a contradiction between the economic and emotional considerations when we are in the process of male-selection.
  • 现代中国城市家庭结构变化研究
  • Based on the data collected through three surveys on urban family in China, we examine the change of the family structure and the factors which have effected on it from both point views of social change and family life cycle. The main finding of the data analysis is that change of family structure with the change of family life cycle in the different time is the same. According to this finding, we think that the social change is not the only factor, that has an effect on the change of family structure‘. The change of family life cycle is another important factor, which has effect on the change of family structure. In another words, to know the pure effect of social change on the change of family structure we must control the change of the family life cycle.
  • 更正
  • 中国社会保障制度改革:反思与重构
  • Although the reform of social security system in China has made for more than ten years, it‘s effectiveness is not ducky. The governments, the enterprises and the individuals,the three sides related to this system have not taken the benefits from the present order. Are the problems in the field of social security related to contrivance of the order or to practical operation? Are the problems in the basic thoughts or in the concrete methods? After answer the above two problems,the team of the project has made a new plan of the reform, Basic-concordancy Social Security System.
  • 工程移民搬迁动力分析框架
  • There have been many studies about why the voluntary migrants migrate, while few are about the moving attitudes, the moving difficulties and other moving dynamics involved in development-induced migration(or project affected migration). The reason for such a situation is that we take these problems for granted and needn‘t be discussed since the migration is under government administration. However,through one case analysis of a.development-induced migration, we have found that the factors, which may have influences on the motivation of such a migration, are more complicated than those of an voluntary migration. These factors can be divided into the cost-benefit ones and the none-cost-benefit ones. The former also determines the outcomes of a voluntary migration decision, which include monetary cost(benefit), psychological cost(benefit) and so on. The latter only .related with development-induced migration, which include such factors as the justness, the constraint and the participation of the influenced people, all of them are involved in the interaction between government and migrants. And that‘s where we can find the potential in migration mobilization task when the compensation is given the same.
  • 科学的方法应予以科学的应用——与童星、刘松涛商榷
  • 中国从1979年恢复重建社会学以来,以社会统计学为主要内容的现代社会学研究方法的应用受到了普遍的重视。在这方面中国社会学学者进行了不断的尝试,统计分析方法的运用从简单到复杂,使得中国社会学在研究方法的应用上与西方发达国家的差距越来越小。但中国的社会学毕竟起步较晚,因此在现代统计分析方法的应用上也还存在一些不尽人意之处。本文仅就童星、刘松涛二位学者发表于《社会学研究》2000年第4期上的《城市居民最低生活保障线的测定》一文(下称童文)中在方法的应用上存在的一些问题,与童星、刘松涛二位学者进行商榷。
  • 关于减少中国养老保险基金支出的若干构想
  • 近年来,中国养老保险基金(下称养老基金)的严重不足已引起社会各方的高度重视。据劳动和社会保障部统计,早在1998年全国养老基金就已出现赤字,收不抵支达53亿元,1999年收支缺口更猛增到150多亿元。虽然到1999年底全国尚有养老基金滚存积余462亿元,但由于基金的赤字缺口不断扩大,仅有的一点积累有可能应付不了几年就会告罄,全国性的支付危机将不可避免地迅速成熟,如果这种情景真的出现,无疑将是一场社会大“地震”。这决不是危言耸听。因此,现在采取紧急对策确已时不我待,政府和研究部门都应有高度的责任感和危机感,认真面对现状,通过治标和治本办法的结合,制止养老基金状况的进一步恶化。
  • 《社会学研究》2000年总目录
  • 编辑部报告
  • 对当代中国社会学经验研究及研究方法的分析与反思——90年代社会学经验研究论文的内容分析
  • The present thesis investigated 341 empirical studies published in Sociological Research during 1990s. The researchers conducted quantitative analyses of empirical studies and research methods in China. The following findings have been made: 1) In comparison with 1980s, substantial improvements have been achieved in empirical research during 1990s. The studies reflect enhanced scientific accountability and regularity. 2)There have been significant changes in the constitution of sociological researchers; sociology has reached a new stage of institutionalization and professionalism. 3)Yet many deficiencies exist ‘in the application of concrete research methods. Pragmatism, experience-inclination and policy-inclination, which were characteristic of sociological research in China during 1980s, still remain. Chinese sociologists should made substantial improvements regarding the problems above.
  • 厦门大学成立社会学系
  • “问题与方法——面向21世纪的中国社会学国际学术研讨会”召开
  • 技术、博弈地位与组织方式变动
  • In this paper, the author tries to develop a framework of analysis about dimensions of game status from the conception of power. In this framework we can analyze the players‘ game status and then their social status according to the nature,extent and range of dimensions of the game status they can operate. This study also analyzes the effect of technology in two sides:the possession of technology and the operation of technology. Combining theoretical explanation of the slaves‘ redeeming themselves and the destruction of the slavery, the paper expands its theoretical model: the relationship between the possession of technology, operation of technology and the game status. After accounting the effect from the operation of technology, I analyze some cases mainly in order to clarify the relationship between game status and the possession of technology in an active form,and make clear how the possession of technology affected the technological or researching organization. Then, from this visual angle, I try to set forth what structure of organization would benefit for the development of technology. Finally, the study probes into how to look on the effects of the technology on today‘s China if we expanded the range of its object to all of the labors of China.
  • 宗族的复兴与人群结合——以闽北樟湖镇的田野调查为中心
  • With the diversion of rural policy and system and the establishment of economic unite of family at the end of seventies in 20th century, the connatural cultural condition and unique trait of lineage organization of country are revealed before us. The revival of lineage organization is undertaken by the endeavor of the popular authorities. The popular authorities “copy“ the connatural lineage tradition and cultural ritual in some ways. At the same time, it also creates and produces lineage system and its ritual. The paper reveals the revival of lineage and social conjunction through editing genelalogies, rebuilding Ancestral Halls and Ancestral Graveyards in the north of Fukien.
  • 关于在青年社会学中导入角色理论的理论思考
  • The purpose of this paper is to explain the theoretical meanings of transmitting the role theory especially the concept of “role category“ into sociology of youth, and to attempt to afford a perspective for reviewing youth in China by the concept of role category. In this paper, the theory about role category is based mostly on the theories of H. H. Gerth-C. , W. Mills, R. Dahrehdorf and Kurioka. According to the writer, role category is structured historically by the interaction between the player and the society and further, the structure of meaning change along with social change. In China, “Adolescence“(qingnian) as a young people‘s pattern formed from 1910s‘ is a role category that functioned before 1980s‘. But now it has lost the function that it had. In the present society of China, “child“, “adolescence“ and “student“ are the most roles that young people are playing.
  • 北京“新疆街”食品文化的时空过程
  • The Uygur village in Dadu, the capital during the Yuan dynasty from the 13th to 14th century,is located in the same geographical position as Weigohgcun, a community of Uygur immigrants with a Xinjiang Street in Beijing nowadays. Obviously, this is a thought-worthy case that the “significant history“ held by one ethnic group is spread out across different space-time continua. The rise and the diversification of restaurants on Xinjiang street shows the social-cultural process of the reconstruction of space originally symbolically occupied exclusively by Uygur restaurants. In this process, different ethnic groups use cultural resources, such as the design of certain ethnic menus, alternation of restaurants‘ names,an temporary borrowed identity to mold the environment of Beijing. The above resources, as well as the use of ethnicity and localism and political symbolism, are used to reach a coordinated growth for their social-cultural principles and business management in modem business. From these, we can discover the nature of the historical,geographical and social-cultural construction of a residential district.
  • 《社会学研究》封面



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