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  • 文化主位的限度与研究结果的“真实”
  • The differentiation between “emic“ and “etic“ perspectives in qualitative research and its impact on the “truthfulness‘of research findings have always been difficult issues for qualitative researchers. In response to a critique on the author‘ s research paper“Relationships Between Student Development and University Curriculum“, this article discusses the relative boundaries of the “emic“perspective, the difinition of “truth“, and ways to search and verify“troth“for researchers with different world views. Through illustrations from her own research, the author advocates a constructive approach of merging the “emic“and “etic“horizons in the current postmodern social science research.
  • 社会世界的底蕴(上)
  • This paper attempts to construct a theory of the social world. It builds upon three previous constructions:First,Bourdieu‘s habitus(an unarticulated and impoverished web of meaning)and field (the structure of power), being a paraphrase of Merleau-Ponty‘ s body and world. Second, Saussure‘ s languaeke, interpreted as a web of meaning. Third, the time structure of Garfinkel‘s socioiogicai gaze,identified as on infinite and alternating series of two time states, namely, the nmndane and the retlexive, in which the agent is supposed to be living. It argues for three propositions: First, MerleauPonty‘s world, with its two dimensions being Bourdieu‘s fieid and Saussure‘ s language, together with Merleau-Ponty‘s body, moves back and forth between the twc time states. Second, Bourdieu‘ s agent (Merleau-Ponty‘s body carrying Bourdieu‘s habitus) lives in harmony with Merleau-Ponty‘s world in the mundane state only. Third,once Merleau-Ponty‘s body steps into the reflexive state,it changes into Weber‘s actor.
  • 论中庸理性:工具理性、价值理性和沟通理性之外
  • This paper analyses the zhongyong mode of orientation in the Confucian tradition from a social scientific perspective. It consists of three parts. Part One discusses different types of rationality and then points out that the most fundamental problem inadvanced modern society is what may be called the “paradox of reason“, to which Habermas‘ communicative rationality is hardly a practical solution. Part Two portrays zhongyong as a rational mode of orientation, which is neither instrumental-rational nor value-rational but a mixture of both. It also argues that zhongyong rationality has greater potential than communicative rationality, as far as offering a solution to the above-mentioned problem is concerned. Part Three examines the traces of the zhongyong mode of orientation among contemporary Chinese by examining three sets of data, namely,a qualitative study of Confucian entrepreneurs in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, a survey study of social values of the residents in five Chinese communities, and a study of conflict resolution among peasants in a village in Guangdong Province.
  • 马洛—克罗恩社会赞许性量表对中国被试适用性之初步验证
  • The social desirability responding tendency(SDRT) usually makes the validity of self-report data very low, and the MCSD Scale is a common measure to assess SDRT and its underlying construct--the need for approval. But the results of the present study employed Chinese subjects revealed the existence of the desire to appear honest or modest or to avoid of brag, and the stronger this social approval desire is, the lower ,but not higher as the constructors of MCSD expected, the scores on MCSD is. So, MCSD is not applicable to Chinese subjects very well. In addition, the results indicated that Chinese subjects were more responsive to negative items (one‘s faults) than to positive ones(one‘s merits) in MCSD.
  • 亲和性机制或“虚假”命题——《新教伦理与资本主义精神》的逻辑缺憾
  • In Max Weber‘s The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit Of Capitalism, how the relationship(no matter causality or elective affinity)between“the protestant eth-ic “and “the spirit of capitalism“be constructed is an important question. This paper assumed that there was an analyzable relationship between the two issues, and tried to explore the mechanism of the relationship that the work needed. According to this mechanism,the paper showed some problems in Weber‘s logic. Weber‘s proposition would be sham,if the relationship between“the protestant ethic“ and “the spirit of capitalism“ couldn‘t be analyzed. The author pointed out that any action of overdrawing Weber‘s proposition would be wrong.
  • 社会工作在中国急剧转变时期的定位——以科学方法处理社会问题
  • The paper introduces briefly the essence and purpose of the Social Work as the applied social sciences in the West. It also explores certain important problems of developing Social Work in China. The discussions related are based on a fundamental hypothesis that Social Work is a kind of social construct. We can not detach its purpose of existence from its historical space and cultural context.
  • 缺乏分层与缺失记忆型村庄的权力结构——关于村庄性质的一项内部考察
  • This paper, by differentiating the ideal types of village‘s character and taking the widespread villages without society layer and community memory in the central and western areas in China nowadays as example, has established a three-layered analysing model on village‘s power structure.. The paper argues that the interest transactions between governance elites and non-governance elites are found everywhere in the villages of this kind, where the ordinary villagers are refused to join in the village‘s governance, thus it destroys the space for village‘s further development. Maybe, the author thinks, the democratized governance of villages is one kind of strength to save the village ,on condition that it could first arouse the non-governance elites‘ sense of responsibility and the ordinary villager‘s political consciousness.
  • 习俗、权威与纠纷解决的场域——河北一村落的法律人类学考察
  • This article discusses the relationship between state law and customarylaw, especially concerns the theme of “the third realm“ proposed by Philip C. C. Huang and the “division of the state and society“ responded by Zhiping Liang. State law is not separated from customary law ;and also “the third field“ is not existed between or outside them,it is existed in a contested field affected by multiple-authority. In this contested arena,various authorities take part in it for the resolution of the dispute by mobilizing the cultural and powerful capital. So the relationship between state law and customary law is inter-infiltrative, inter-influential, and inter-contested.
  • 中美家庭代际关系比较研究
  • This paper is an attempt to compare China and the United States with respect to the coresidence of parents with adult children and the extent to which those not living with their parents live close, contact and help their parents. Data utilized in this analysis are a 1993 random sample survey conducted in two major Chinese cities--Tianjin and Shanghai, and a 1989 personal interview survey conducted in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy, New York metropolitan area of the United States. Findings present similarities and differences between family patterns and relations in these two markedly different cultural traditions.
  • 中国社会学会2001年年会征文启事
  • 《社会学研究》新增栏目简介
  • 也谈科学的方法应予以科学的应用——与园田茂人、张汝立商榷
  • 近年来,我国社会学的定量研究在深度和广度上都取得了长足的进步,定量研究方法的使用也呈多元化的趋势。在众多的定量研究中,绝大多数是富有建设性的。它们为社会学研究的规范化和精确化,对定量研究方法的普及都做出了应有的贡献。同时,少数定量研究也存在不够规范和为定量而定量的倾向,对此已有学者撰文指出(尹海洁,2000)。本文则就园田茂人和张汝立在《社会学研究》2000年第1期上发表的《职业评价的中日比较》(下称园田文)在定量研究过程中存在的问题与两位学者商榷。
  • 关于市场过渡理论的讨论
  • 2000年社会学在中国——研究进展状况及热点难点问题
  • 2000年的社会学研究受到来自两个方面的强劲推动:一是由于中国社会学恢复和重建已满20年,一些研究和教学单位,例如中国社会科学院社会学研究所,在回顾创办以来所走过的历程的时候.强烈感受到学术发展本身的一种内在推动,即需求继往开来,把学术研究提高到新的水平;二是由于全球化、信息化,特别是中国改革开放的深入发展,新的社会矛盾和问题不断出现,推动社会学研究必须面对重大的实践问题,社会政策研究空前活跃就是一个突出的表现。以上两个方面使得2000年的社会学研究呈现出两个重要的趋向:一是回溯到社会学经典大师提出的一些基本命题,二是面向社会真问题。
  • 最低生活保障制度的研究与探讨
  • 在中国被称为“最低生活保障制度”的社会救助制度,由民政部于1999年9月宣布,已在全国668个城市和1638个县治所在的镇普遍建立,《城市居民最低生活保障条例》(以下简称《条例》)又于当年10月1日开始在全国实行,自此,这张“最后的安全网”已经成为中国城镇社会保障制度和反贫困战略中的一道重要防线。
  • 《社会学研究》封面



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