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  • 阶级分析:从“古同于一切”到“互动”
  • Marx developed two different modes of class analysis. In the Communist Manifesto and Capital, Marx stressed the primacy of class and argued for the eradication of non-class relations through class struggles. However, in the Eighteenth Brumaire, he focused on the interaction between class and non-class relations. Using the interaction mode of class analysis, this paper examines how five radical social theories(social feminism, analytical Marxism, world-sys-tems theory, Eco-Marxism,and historical Marxism)have incorporated such new issues as gender, contradictory locations, status group, environment, and social movements into class analysis. After linking with radical social theories, class analyses are now at the forefront of explaining patriarchy and gender inequalities, the middle class‘ expansion, national struggles at the peripheries, environmental problems, and new social movements.
  • 转型期中国大陆城市居民的阶层意识
  • Based on a 1996 sampling survey data(n = 754)collected in Wuhan, Hubei, PRC, this paper explores people‘s strata consciousness in urban China during the transformation era. Findings from statistical analysis suggest that most urban residents have clear perception of social stratification. Stratification in urban society is mainly perceived as an economic as well as a power hierarchy, while occupation is not considered as the core indicator of stratification as it is in some west societies. Contemporary urban China is socially neither a status society based on family background nor “class society“of Marx‘s definition. It is also found that urban residents in Wuhan tend to identify with middle-lower strata on economic dimension, with middie-upper strata on prestige dimension, and with lower-bottom strata on power dimension, which suggest“an inclination of social-prestige climbing“ on the one hand and “a sense of relative deprivation of power“ on the other. While the identifications on the three dimensions are highly correlated, economic status indentification is most important to people‘s identification of their overall socio-economic status.
  • 职业地位:社会分层的指示器——上海社会结构与社会分层研究
  • Basing on a comparison between Marx and Weber on social stratification, the author provides an empirical study on Shanghai social strata with a multiple stratification analysis. The work focuses on a framework of occupational status including such dimensions as power, wealth and status position and so on. The author reveals that there are five great social strata with hierarchy in Shanghai : the top group composed mainly of leading cadres, private enterprisers and agents of foreignbusiness;the second group composed of clerks in all sorts of institute; the third group composed of professionals ; the forth one with trade and business persons as main body ; the last one composed of workers, farmers and attendants. In respect of social interaction, social network and life style, there are substantial differences among these occupation groups. Social mobility within them is basically some kind of structural mobility. The mechanism of social resource allocation is firstly through power, then capital and labor. The author also deals with the matter of Chinese middle class and civil society.
  • 我国内地第一个国际化、高层次社会工作人才基地在复旦大学成立
  • “企业家理论与企业成长国际研讨会”征文通知
  • “社会结构与社会公平学术研讨会暨教育部人文社会科学重点研究基地挂牌仪式”举行
  • 《社会学研究》百期评优活动暨“全球化背景下的中国社会变迁学术研讨会”征文通知
  • 社会世界的底蕴(下)
  • 我们可以回到布尔迪厄的惯性论了。我把有关的讨论分为来自结构主义内部的和来自结构主义外部的,我们先谈后者。外部的批评所涉及的目的、范畴、符号、出发点和焦点不尽类同。我选用了希腊裔英国社会学家穆斯利斯在他1995年出版的《社会学理论:出了什么乱子?》(以后简称《乱子》)里对布尔迪厄的批评。穆斯利斯采取平原远眺的视野评论众多的社会学理论。他企图找出各个理论的强点和弱点、理论之间的协调点和冲突点以及众多理论的覆盖面和遗漏点,沙里淘金地找出众多社会学理论所构成的整体的方向、要点和可能的融合点。布尔迪厄的理论是以众多理论之一的身份出现在他的评论中。就个人所见,其他评论者都是集中讨论布尔迪厄的理论,很少把布尔迪厄的理论与其他理论并排地作出比较和提出可能的融合点。穆斯利斯把布尔迪厄的世局和惯性分开讨论:他把世局论和帕森斯的AGIL模型(即帕森斯的社会系统必须有的四个功能)作一并排讨论,把惯性论和帕森斯的角色论和美国社会心理学家米德的互动论作一并排讨论。应该指出,穆斯利斯仅仅是以米德作为他泛指的互动论的代表,他指的互动论也包括戈夫曼的表演互动论和加芬克尔的民族志方法论。穆斯利斯的讨论并未深入米德、戈夫曼和加芬克尔之间的分歧,我们完全可以在他的讨论里以加芬克尔替换米德,从我们稍后的引文中可以看到这一点。
  • 象征资本的再生产——从阳村宗族论民国基层社会
  • Based on fieldwork in Yang Village in eastern Fujian province, this paper utilizes the concept of symbolic capital from Pierre Bourdieu to reflect upon Prasenjit Duara‘ s thesis known as “cultural nexus of power“. The material under discussion is concerned with social changes at the level of grassroots societies in the Republican period. The central argument to be made is that the reproduction of symbolic capital was fundamentally redefined and transformed by misunderstanding of cultural issues on the part of local elite
  • 新生代农村流动人口的社会认同与城乡融合的关系
  • The author tries to divide the rural migration into two categories--the first generation and the second one in terms of their different age, education level and agricultural experience. Then he discusses the influences of these variables on the differences of social identities of the second generation of rural migration from the first one and the influences of the differences on their future social positions and behaviors in rural and urban areas. The conclusion of the essay is that the social identities of the second rural migration tend to become more and more indefinite than the ones of the first generation of rural migration. So it is also more difficult to come back to live in the rural areas for the second generation of rural migration than the first one in future. This is a big challenge to the social stability in China.
  • 社区公共服务设施托管的新模式——以罗山市民会馆为例
  • The author examined a new model of the trusteeship of the public service equipment in community through the Luoshan Civil Community Pudong, Shanghai,which is a systematical experiment--put the public service equipment owned by governments under the trusteeship of NGO,planned by the Social Development Bureau of Shanghai Pudongxinqu District and operated by the Shanghai Young Men‘ s Christian Association. The aim of the model is through the coorporation between the government and the NGO to provide communities with public service products and carry out industrial management from the object, quality, price to cost of public service by the way of simulated market. The author believes that cultivating the model is a research and test process of the community public service policy. It‘ s very important for researching community construction and increasing the supply of public service.
  • 中国社会现代化错失机遇的历史考察
  • Under the background of the four periods of the world modernization history, this thesis makes a tentative and preliminary investigations of all kinds of developing opportunities in China‘s social modernization history. Furthermore, the thesis explores the varied reasons for China‘ s loss of developing social modernization. In author‘ s opinion, China faced different developing opportunities in each period of the world modernization history. But, China had missed these opportunities because of aggression by the First-comers and lack of developing factors. These reasons have led China to fall behind the First-comers till now. This exploration tells us that it is the Communist Party of China:the Party with modernity to lead Chinese people to the fight way to the modernization. This study will surely draw lessons from history in building up socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics.
  • 中国中间阶层的现状与未来发展
  • With the differentiation and realignment of the Social Strata of China, an intermediate stratum is quietly rising at the turn of the century. The intermediate stratum‘ s scale of population and its social influence are constantly expanding. It has such a deep influence on the course of China‘ s modernization that becomes a social phenomenon which must be faced up to at present and hereafter a period. This article makes several analyses on the social features of China‘ s intermediate stratum and some problems in the rising course of intermediate stratum.
  • “多元文化”论争世纪回眸
  • Since the early 1970s, multiculturalism has been adopted as influential state policy by Canada, Australia and some other Western countries in succession. After giving a critical review concerning the manifest and latent functions of the multiculturalism, the author points out that the multiculturalism cannot be simply regarded as a positive and progressive policy that has been highly appreciated by quite a few Chinese scholars. It should be noted that one of the important implications of the policy is that the weak groups( immigrants are included)are able to enjoy their rights only because of the favor bestowed by the group in power. Therefore, on the one hand, multiculturalism does show an important advantage because it tends to promote all ethnic communities as equals ; on the other hand, a deep racism cannot be ignored because the social consequence of the policy will absolutely institutionalize the separatism by stressing the “unchangeable racial identity“.
  • 欧盟社会政策与社会保障体系变革趋势
  • The completion of the Single Market and the introduction of the single currency are transforming Europe from a group of separate economies into an integrated economic entity. This new economic framework will make the interplay between social and economic policy even more important. This paper attempts to provide some observations and analyses of the changing social policy in EU member states with the European integration process. What kind of changes have emerged and will emerge in Nordic welfare model due to the start of the single currency Euro? Is there any potential possibility that the legitimacy of the welfare state will be challenged essentially? In which way the social security systems in EU member states try to cope with the fiscal problems and are there any trends towards a common European way of financing? Questions like these are confronted in this essay.
  • 也谈社会学基本问题——兼答对我的社会学观点的某些批评
  • 谭明方的《社会学基本理论研究》(谭明方,1998:23—46;并参见1996a,1996b)一文(以下简称谭文),与以往相比,较为集中地论述了他对社会学的研究对象和社会学基本问题的观点,并对我的有关观点多次作了评述。和过去一样,我欢迎这样的学术批评和讨论。我一贯主张,在学术问题上可以争论得面红耳赤,但这不应影响学者之间的友谊,因为这是两个不同的领域——学术领域和非学术领域。如果在学术讨论和批评中掺进种种非学术因素,或者因为学术观点不同而影响学者之间原有的友谊,在我看来,都不能认为是适当的。正是本着这种精神,本文愿意就社会学基本问题与谭文交换意见。
  • 全球化研究的思考与问题
  • 《社会学研究》封面



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