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  • 互联网与虚拟社区
  • It is well known that media have great impact on community life. As a new medium, Internet possesses all the qualities and characters that traditional media have. At the same time, Internet demonstrates many unique features. This means that its impact on community life may be very different. This paper argues that the interactive communications through Internet is as significant as the face-to-face interaction. Moreover, the Internet communication is capable of creating virtual communities that not only facilitate connections but also provide supports for their members. Thus, the Internet has not only the potential to promote isolation among people in real life (face to face) but also the capability to construct a virtual community that is detached from the real life. The point is, while the relationship among people in real life is gradually fading away, the relationship among people in virtual life becomes more and more significant. This means the possibility that virtual community will eventually replace face to face community in the future.
  • BBS互动的结构与过程
  • This paper studies the interactive characteristics of relationships formed in discussion on BBS with the matrix method of studying social relationships. Analysis in this paper shows that the temporal-spatial characteristics of BBS interaction mean that its constitutive elements are clearly different from interaction in real situations and that BBS interaction requires four constitutive elements, namely, electronic space, topic, roles, and postings.subjectivity, but at the same time it can alsoBBS-based interactionlead to passivity. Twogreatly increases autonomy and subjectivity, but at the same time it can also lead to passivity. Two basic types of BBS interaction, focused and unfocused, can be distinguished, which is roughly the same as Goffman‘ s classification of interaction types. Focused interaction often corresponds to some “hot topic“ for a certain period of time, while unfocused interaction is a form of interaction with a specifically BBS flavor. Due to the nature of BBS postings, a participant on the BBS can enter multiple role relationships, thus having varied interactive patterns. This study finds that there are five kind of major interactive patterns on the BBS.
  • 计算机犯罪的多因素分析与犯罪社会学的发展
  • From historical point of view, it shows the developing trend of criminology: from nonsociological explanation to sociological explanation. Computer crime is a profound social problem that relates to the information era; Priority should be given to sociological research in this aspect. The phenomenon can not be fully explained by traditional criminal sociology, which more often than not, considers only one single factor; This paper turns to study multifarious factors of the causes, and in the analysis, the author puts up with a new multi-causes approach which is more widely applicable. The Internet surrounding provides the social condition for unchecked spread of computer crime. However, with a deeper research, we find that the cultural crisis appears to be the real root of computer crime. Therefore, setting up the mainstream culture of proper treating the Internet will be of the decisive meaning to control the computer crime.
  • 现代性的问题及处方:涂尔干主义的历史效果
  • The word “Durkheimism“ in this paper refers to the set of proposals put forward by Emile Durkheim concerning the ways out of the economic, social and spiritual crises he saw in his time. Those proposals were not just arguments on paper, but, in fact, an important component of social reforms in western developed countries of the 20^th century. The aim of this article is to show that those proposals of Durkheimism had indeed brought some positive contributions to the alleviation of those crises faced by the liberal modernity institution in the end of the 19^th century, but they also had produced some unexpected harmful side effects which we must give serious consideration when we apply them to our own situation.
  • “‘中国社会学的最新发展与走向’暨《中国社会学年鉴(1999—2002)》编纂学术研讨会”在南京召开
  • 制度转型与阶层化机制的变迁——从“间接再生产”到“间接与直接再生产”并存
  • This article reviews the basic literatures about the research of ‘the danwei organization‘ and ‘the danwei system‘ in China. First of all, the paper differentiates two different research objects: ‘the danwei organization‘ and ‘the danwei system‘ Then it discusses two research tropisms: the analysis of macro-sight system and the analysis of interior mechanism and proceeding course. Moreover, it analyses the institutionalization process of the danwei system. On the basis of the recent researches, the author puts forward the assumption about the challenges and tasks that research of ‘danwei‘ will beconfronted with.
  • 社会结构与历史事件的契合——中国女工的历史命运
  • Based on two social historical events that resulted in more than eighty female workers‘ died in 1924 and in 1993, this paper analyzes the conditions of social structure that lead to the similar historical events from the perspective of the time and space. To construct the historical characteristic of contemporary female workers, it is important to use the concept of historical time. Same conditions of social structure namely, globalization capital, Chinese new capital, bureaucratic and corrupt political and patriarchal social culture, still are combined together to give impact on female workers.
  • 《中国社会学(二)》出版发行
  • 社会经济地位与网络资源
  • Based on the 1999 survey data in Xiamen, this paper takes the lead in Chinese literature to explore the relationship between social economic status and social network resources comprehensively. The research finds that sex, age, income, education, and household registration status are the main variables influencing individual‘s social network resource, while the Party membership, ownership of labor by the work unit ( danwei suoyouzhi ) , and government jurisdiction ( zhenfu zhuguan bumen ) have no statistical significant influence on social resources. The author argues that the findings reflect characteristics of Chinese society in the transition period. On the one hand, more and more importance is attached to economic factor and human capital such as education in the accumulation process of social resources, while factors, such as political background ( zhengzhi mianmu), ownership of labor by the work unit, and government jurisdiction are fading away, which indicates the obvious trend of marketization in our society. On the other hand, household registration status is the important symbol of status and still plays an important role in accumulation of one‘s social resources, which shows that the imprint of the duality of our society from planed economy has not disappeared.
  • 增权:社会工作理论与实践的新视角
  • “Empowerment“ is the most important professional theme since social work generated as a profession. Empowerment now is widely applied in various social and practice areas beyond social work profession as a philosophy and policy perspective in the recent 30 years, and has become a social discourse existing in society. Differing from the traditional patriarchal benefactor and liberator approaches, empowerment does not attempt to put the client to the professional level nor direct them to the goal made and described by the experts independently, it emphasizes the client‘ s participation and maintains the interaction between the workers and their clients. It also takes the client as subjects who has his own values, and can set up a goal of action for him self. This article traced the practice, political and philosophical basis of empowerment through identifying the main concepts of power, powerlessness and empowerment to fill the knowledge gap exiting in the current academic community of mainland China, and finally generalized the social work practice model of empowerment approach.
  • 艾滋病传播的社会文化动力
  • The asymmetrical dissemination of HIV/AIDS and the various vectors of HIV transmission in different regions or countries in the World as well as different localities within China imply specific social inequalities and cultural institutions. The HIV/AIDS situation in the World and within China may not be fully understood without considering the socio-cultural conditions that have shaped the social processes of the epidemics.This article discusses the socio-cultural dynamics of HIV/AIDS distribution in accordance with ethnographies of HIV/AIDS and anthropological field researches in Yunnan China last year conducted by a research team led by the author.
  • 网络的生产——以一个地方性黑市经济的演化为关键案例
  • The article chooses an underground economical group of counterfeited cigarette in Zengcun, a country in Hebei Province, as a critical case and tries to analyze some theories about social network, especially those questions never be studied deeply before, such as how to build or maintain social network. Some main points can be generalized as follows: social network has its base and limitthings and any changes of things will transfer the size of social network. So social network in economic life is actually a whole dynamic process including building expanding and shrinking.
  • “萨斯(SARS)”捐赠:轰轰烈烈背后的隐忧
  • 突如其来的“非典”疫情,在横行肆虐数月之后,终于渐成强弩之末。但“非典”引起的巨大“社会反常”却为我们提供了一个不可多得的进行大规模社会试验的机会和场所,在方方面面留给我们许多反思和启示。
  • “生活方式:理论与实践的新发展”研讨会综述
  • 2003年1月13—15日,由中国社会学会生活方式研究专业委员会(筹)、哈尔滨工业大学人文与社会科学学院、黑龙江省社会科学院和黑龙江大学等单位联合发起并承办的“生活方式:理论与实践的新发展”研讨会在黑龙江省哈尔滨市召开。来自全国各地的70余位专家学者参加了会议。会议共收到学术论文37篇。现将主要内容综述如下。
  • 《社会学研究》封面



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