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  • 社会稳定的计量及预警预控管理系统的构建
  • The measurement of the social stability aims at the non-material social phenomena and it‘s success relys on the theoretical efforts and the practical operation. Theovetically the establishment of theoretical mode of social stability is the key for the evaluation, due to the theoretical abstraction as the core of the evaluation systems in any social measurement. Operationally the social stability index system isa “soft ruler”rather than a “hard measure” that could be used directly. Here peopele can find the importance of the operation platform for the presentiment management system of social stability.
  • 失业与社会排斥:一个分析框架
  • The last decade witnessed the growth of the rate of unemployment in China. Being a vulnerable group, the employed faced social disadvantages as the consequences of unemployment. This paper argued that the muhi-dimensional concept of social exclusion could be used to describe these social disadvantages. And, focusing on the process and social actors or agents, the concept of social exclusion urged us to think of the following questions, for example, who excluded the employed from social, economic, political, cultural and institutional spheres of our society and how they made it happen. Based on the review of social exclusion literature mainly in West Europe and North America, the paper formulated an analytic framework linking unemployment, on the one hand, and other dimensions of social exclusion, on the other hand. However, due to the locality of the framework, this paper called for further empirical researches in Chinese contexts to verify, modify and even refute this framework.
  • 西南师范大学社会学系简介
  • “乡村政治研究”学术沙龙纪要
  • 2004年2月21日,清华大学公共管理学院NGO研究所组织了主题为“乡村政治研究”的学术沙龙,有近40位乡村政治研究领域的学者和关心这一领域的其他学者、NGO代表及政府官员参加,7位学者做了专题报告。
  • 从社会学视角看“文明冲突论”
  • This essay argues that Huntington‘s conception of the ‘clash of civilizations‘ is closely related to the neo-conservative trend in the US, the ideological background of current American foreign policy. According to the author, the connection of the Huntington‘ s thesis to neo-conservatism has made itself a self-fulfilling prophecy in today‘s international affairs it both predicts and promotes civilization clashes, or their current manifestation in the conflict between the US and the Muslim world. The author further indicates that there are deep roots for the Huntington‘s thesis in America‘s ‘civil religion‘, or the American tradition of Protestantism.
  • 研究假设的有效性及其评价
  • One of the important characteristics of empirical research is hypothesis testing. This paper discusses the necessity and functions of research hypothesis in empirical research and proposes five criteria for the evaluation of research hypothesis and the operational steps.
  • 族裔资本与美国华人移民社区的转型
  • This paper attempts to develop the concept of the “ethnic capital”. Based on the theory of social capital and the enclave economy, the anthers argue that ethnic capital is not a thing but involves interactive processes of financial capital, human capital, and social capital within an identifiable ethnic community, the anthers use case studies of centenary Chinatowns and emerging middle-class immigrant Chinese communities in New York and Los Angeles to illustrate how ethnic capital affects community building and transformation, which in turn influence the social mobility of immigrants. The paper speculates on how developments in contemporary ethnic enclaves challenge the conventional notion of assimilation and contribute to understanding of community dynamics.
  • 反身性与“曼海姆悖论”——兼论相对主义社会学的可能性
  • This paper focuses on the relation between reflexivity and sociology of knowledge. The term “reflexivity” has two essential references: self-reflection and self-refutation. Mannheim‘s sociology of knowledge is based on historicism which is relativistic, so the theory of sociology of knowledge is selfrefutatory. Mannheim tried to use self-reflection as instrument to destruct Mannheim Paradox but be failed. Sociology of scientific knowledge (SSK) attempts to dissolve the paradox by asserting its relativism, but the paradox remains. In the auther‘s opinion, the paradox can‘t be dissolved and so Mannheim and SSK‘s ambition of constructing epistemology of relativism for sociology is impossible in the context of rationalism.
  • 直面“诸神纷争”的世界——从《意识形态与乌托邦》看曼海姆与韦伯的思想关联
  • This article discusses the relationship between Mannheim‘s thought and Weber‘s one in three aspects : ( 1 ) diagnosis of their time;(2) the Mannheim‘s epistemological predicament and its connection with Weber‘ s thought;grasp the problems of our time.(3) the methodological problem. As Wolff argues that, most of Mannheim‘s work (not only that explicitly devoted to the sociology of knowledge) could be characterizedas a “diagnosis of our time”. It was just on this topic where Mannheim followed Weber‘ s proposition——“gods complete in every fields of society”, and extended the tension of Weber‘ s judgment in many theoretical aspects such as ideology and utopia, the science of politics, the problem of intelligentsia, the types of knowledge and the styles of instruction, etc. In this sense, the attention to the connection of Mannheim and Weber gets its significance not only in the field of thoughts history or academic history, but also on the sociological masters‘ inspiration to grasp the problems of our time.
  • 社会空间的另一种想象——社会网络分析的结构视野
  • Social network analysis is an approach widely used nowadays. However, the approach is often reduced to a substantive field, or even a set of research techniques. This paper treats social network analysis as an insightful perspective to social structure. What is the notable contribution of social network analysis to the investigation of social structure? This is the organizing question in the article. The specific theoretical assumptions, analytical strategies, and conceptual tools of social network analysis are examined in detail. The weakness or limitation of such a perspective is also discussed.
  • 对村民自治制度下家族问题的理论反思
  • Law of the Village Council Organization tried out in 1987 and issued in 1998, marks the beginning of the village autonomy process and symbolizes the withdrawal of the State‘ s compulsory force from the countryside. In such a setting, the dual effects, which comes from the liberal concurrence nature of the village autonomy and the trust construction mechanism in rural societies, strengthen to certain extent the individual‘s clan orientation during the council members‘ selection, and therefore enlarge the institutional space of clans‘ action. A series of reforms in the countryside since 1970s have brought upthe growth of little group‘s interest and individualism. As a result, the appearance of clans in farmers‘ life world begins to turn to the side of purely intimacy and keeps in the meantime facing to the side of interest, particularly in the case of important events.
  • 关于“第三条道路”
  • 从陈村计划生育中的博弈看基层社会运作
  • Based on the field work in Chen Village in the east plain of Henan Province, this paper presents an empirical research on the game in the process of family planning in rural China. It attempts to reveal the relationship between state and society or state and villagers, the evolution of local social order and pattern of local social operation through the macro and micro-analyses of the game in family planning in Chen Village. In micro-game analysis, the authers analyze the main means and strategies of game used by players. Based on the micro-analyses, the authers analyze the macro-game and try to clarify institutional change of family planning in the game and formalization of outcomes of games in past over 20 years. Four changes took place in the game of family planning in Chen Village(and neighboring areas). In the conclusion part, this paper puts forward the concept of “two-line-operating society” and finds the model of evolution of order.
  • 身体:以军营新兵训练为例——兼就若干身体理论问题与郑震先生商榷
  • 20世纪末,西方社会学界在经历了语言学、解释学、修辞学等一系列转向之后又开始了“身体学转向”。“即把身体问题化,成为社会理论的组成要素,同时也认识到身体是当代政治和文化中的一项重大话题”(特纳,2003:578)。这种理论转向的深层现实背景是对消费、休闲、时尚以及大众文化的关注,并
  • 《社会学研究》封面



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