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  • 二元社会结构的再生产——中国农村面源污染的社会学分析
  • This article discusses the dynamics and effects of non-point source pollution (NSP) in Chinese countryside. From sociological perspective, it argues that the worsening NSP situation is in large degree the inherent sequences of the long-standing dual social structure, and in turn reproduces or enforces it. Furthermore, the authors specify the positive effects and limits of urbanization, as a social process of undermining the dual social structure, to control the rural NSP, and conclude that, the rural NSP control will be under the shadow of the dual social structure in a long time, the determinants of rural NSP control is therefore very complex, and the task is extremely hard.
  • 环境社会学研究综述——对环境社会学学科定位问题的讨论
  • In the past years the environmental problems are becoming more and more serious and the studies on the environmental problems have been very important subjects. Although some environmental sociologists represented the relation between the environment and the society as their research object, the divaricating on the attribute of the environmental variable made the confines between the environmental sociology, the ecology and the environmental economics illegible. So it embarrasses them to answer some questions such as “what is the social reasons of the environmental problems?“ This paper presents that the objects of the environmental sociology include two disciplines : the SAEP(Society - Action - Environment-Paradigm)and the ESSP(Environment- Socialization- Society- Paradigm). From this perspective the paper reviews the environmental sociological researches. And the review could redound to construct some more specific analysis framework of the experiential researches of the environmental sociology.
  • 新自由主义经济模式与新社会运动——一种社会资本视角的宏观分析
  • In this article, theeconomic model in the developingauthor describes the new social movement raised by the neo-liberalist economic model in the developing countries since 1990‘ s. In terms of the social capital theory, the theories of politics, economics and sociology, the paper explores in macro level the reason, new feature sand the doom of the movement. At last, the author argues that the developing countries must pay great attention to developing the modem social capital.
  • 市场转型过程中地方政府角色研究述评
  • Based on a review of the existing theories and the result of our preliminary research, this paper provides an analytical framework, composed of four dimensions including decentralization of public finance, property right reform, marketization, and social structure, for the analysis of the role of local government in market transformation. The paper also argues that more attention should be paid to the impacts of the privatization of state-owned enterprises after mid-1990s on the local governmental behaviors.
  • 理性选择与道德判断——第三种文化的视角
  • The increasing body of literature in evolutionary psychology and neuroscience in the last ten years supports the following propositions : ( 1 ) There are much closer connections between rational choice and moral judgement than traditionally thought; (2)Such connections are formed during the long evolution of human society; (3)For human species the brain structure and the social structure are coevolutionary; (4)The psycho-physiological foundation of moral judgement are “theory of mind“ and socialcognition ; (5) The psycho-physiological foundation of rational choice are episodic and semantic memory. These propositions have been explained in the so-called the “third culture“ rhetoric which differs from that of scientific ( the first) culture and the humanity ( the second) culture. The third culture is itself an interdisciplinary rhetoric and dialogue of logos.
  • 寻求“另类”发展的范式——韩国新村运动与中国乡村建设
  • This paper discusses some researches of Chinese scholars on rural construction and examines the possibility of Korea Saemaul Undong as a paradigm for China‘ s rural constructing movement in the future as some scholars haveThe paper argues that an up-to-down social movement like Korea Saemaul Undong cannot solve the rural problems that China now faces with. This point of view is developed by comments on Saemaul Undong from three dimensions: the economical and political background, the way of its start - up, and the dynamics of its evolution.
  • 社会福利的文化透视:观点与简评
  • Culture plays an important role in shapingsocial welfare institution or system. In the course of social welfare study, more and more scholars pay their attentions to mechanism of interaction between culture and social welfare. This paper reviews and summarizes relevant research literatures, and analyses five view-points briefly.
  • 组织外形化:非协调约束下的组织运作——一个研究中国慈善组织与政府关系的理论框架
  • The purpose of this paper is to explore the mechanism of emergence and the operation of the charity organizations in China as well as their relationship with government. Based on the new institutionalism and population ecology theory, this paper develops the theoretical framework of “organizational operation under non-coordinate constraint“ to illustrate this phenomena. The author thinks that the emergence of charity organization and the decoupling are the result of non-coordinate environment constraining the action of organization, and it is the strategy for living when facing the pressure of institutional environment. The decoupling of form and operation of the charity organizations is also the consequence of the contradiction between the demand for resource and that for social control of government. The analytical tool of non-coordinate constraint has powerful meaning in organization theory and it could be extended to the analysis of similar phenomena in organizational field.
  • 中国人社会地位的获得——阶级继承和代内流动
  • Depending on the data of The Changing of China‘ s Social Structure in 2001 , this paper analyses the attainment of Chinese social status of different historical period by linear regression and logistical regression. The paper finds that : ( 1 ) the Chinese society is becoming opening instead of blocking out; the achieved factors are much more significant than the ascribed; but some boundaries of classes need to be opened, such as Hukou system, etc. (2)in the factors of the achieved, educational capital is becoming more important; (3)the attainment of social status for sons and daughters are all affected by their families class origin instead of only sons.
  • 女工:一个重生的社会阶层
  • This paper describes the change of woman workers from 1982 to 2000. there is a great replacement between old and new woman workers. The floating woman worker is a different social group compared local woman worker . The change of the woman worker is the result of the changing China in the world-system.
  • 消费者对公司社会责任的反应——一项国家与社会关系的考察
  • As a vulnerable group,migrant workers are frequentlyinfringed upon and overlooked. The movement of corporate social responsibility and the codes of conduct initiated by some multinational corporations have promoted the protection of worker‘ s rights and interests. The consumer movement is one of the direct pressures that make multinational corporation do these. In recent years, relevant activities are gradually developed in China. Based on survey, the author finds that the consumers in China know little about corporate social responsibility and codes of conduct. Consumers who clearly point out that the protection of labor rights and interests are very few. In the mean time, consumers also know little about consumer movement. Moreover, quite amount of consumers take a negative attitude towards the consumer movement. They would be more willing to resort to the government, law and institution. The reason lies in the unique form of state-society relationship as well as the weakness of Chinese consumers.
  • 关于公营事业的初步分析
  • 什么是公营事业?本文将其定义为公共事物的运营业。公共事物的运营业既包括中国计划体制下的社会公益事业,即通常使用的“科(科技)、教(教育)、文(文化与新闻出版)、卫(卫生)、体(体育)”五大行业及社会福利、社会救济业,又包括市场体制下独立出来的环境资源保护、绿化、社会治安、社会保障
  • 城市社会学与城市发展学术研讨会暨城市社会学专业委员会(筹)成立大会综述
  • 2004年5月15-17日,由中国社会学会和天津社会科学院联合举办的“城市社会学与城市发展学术研讨会”在天津社会科学院召开。来自北京、上海、天津等18个省市的70多位学者进行了为期3天的学术研讨。天津社会科学院社会学研究所所长潘允康主持开幕式,中国社会学会会长陆学艺,副会长邓伟志、王辉,秘书长谢寿光等出席会议并讲话。大会收到论文45篇,拟结集出版。
  • 《社会学研究》封面



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