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  • 自愿性与强制性之间——中国农村合作医疗的制度嵌入性与可持续性发展分析
  • This is a study of cooperative medical schemes (CMSs) operating in rural China from the perspective of institutional embeddedness. As a kind of community-based health micro-insurance scheme,CMSs often suffer from financial vulnerability due to its small scale of risk pooling. CMSs operated relatively successfully during the pre-reform era as the institutional environment in which they were embedded were favorable. Under theplanned economy and tough social control, adverse selection and embedded were favorable. Under the planned economy and tough social control, adverse selection and provider-induced over-provision of healtheare were non-existent. During the market transition, CMSs encounter with so severe problem of adverse selection that they lose attractiveness to most of rural residents,and they are further sabotaged by bad governance. At the same time, healthcare providers,driven by marketization, have no longer had incentive to curtail cost increase. Chinese CMSs are at a crossroad, either developing towards a state-run voluntary health insurance scheme or maintaining its community - based nature but receiving strong support from the government.
  • “落地生根”?——三峡农村移民的社会适应
  • Based on the analysis of the survey data obtained in 1997, 1999 and 2000 about rural migrants of the Three Gorges, the paper describes the adaptation situation of the migrants in the place of resettlement, it shows that the adaptation in everyday life is better than the aspect of labor, and the latter is better than the mentality. By analyzing the influence factors on adaptation of the rural migrants of the Three Gorges, the paper point out that the types of resettlement and the care of local government are more important to the adaptation of the migrants in the early time of resettlement. The manner of labor, the difference of custom and public security will become the main factors to the adaptation of the rural migrants as the time goes on. The changes on type of resettlement since 1999 will bring some other problems on the adaptation of the rural migrants.
  • 现代性自我如何可能:齐美尔与韦伯的比较
  • The self-practice in a modern society--that is, how to fulfill “self”, “personality” or “individuality”--not only has to face the oppression and control of the outside, objective world, but also has to face subjective, spiritual emptiness and lacking support after the death of religion. This is a common dilemma that both Simmel and Weber faced. The difference between Simmel and Weber lies in that Simmel, via his life philosophy, lodged the values that led individuals in modern society to holding their self-practice and fulfillment of their unique characteristics in their innovative and living lives of essence. In contrast, Weber hoped, in a sense, to revive puritans‘ conception of “vocation” so as to lead individuals to dedicate themselves to a particular undertaking to fulfill their “personality”.
  • 社会资本与生产方式对集群演进的影响——一个关于企业集群的分类与演进框架的讨论与应用
  • This article advances a theoretical frame to investigate the form and evolution of cluster and network. Based on two dimensions-mode of production organization and the amount of social capital,four different forms of cluster and network are put forward. Then the evolution of above-mentioned forms and decisive factors behind are discussed. Finally, the frame is used to examine the condition and developing tendency of the Special Town of Guang Dong province, PRC.
  • 人情、面子与权力的再生产——情理社会中的社会交换方式
  • Face (mianzi) and favor ( renqing ) used to be researched in a descriptive level or from the perspective of western sociological theories. This paper argues that they actually work in their own ways with their hypothesis, meaning and functions in Chinese society. Chinese people assume that society should construct in reasonableness ( qingli ), in which favor is a kind of long reciprocity without counting or estimating while face refers to one‘s important position in other‘s mind in his or her community. The people know that social resources and authority would transmit from the magnates to them if face and favor could be connected with power.
  • 视觉文化的消费社会学解析
  • One of the most striking features of contemporary culture is the growing tendency to visualize everything that is so-called visual turn. From sociological perspective the essay probes the relationship between visual culture and consumer society. The research result clearly indicates that visual culture is a product of consumer society.
  • 文化社会学发展之争辩:概念、关系及思考
  • This article traces the development of cultural sociology by reviewing two scholarly debates: one is the conceptual definitions on culture, and the other is about the relationship between culture and structure. The author makes two contributions to these debates. The first is to classify various scholarly definitions of culture into four schools, namely, subjective culture, structural culture, dramaturgic culture, and institutional culture. The author draws on conceptual distinctions among these schools and argues that their interrelationships and interdependence imply the underlying mechanism whereby society and culture survive and develop from one generation to the next. The second is to offer a focused analysis of three sociological stands on the relationship between culture survive and develop from one generation to the next. The second is to offer a focused analysis of three sociological stands on the relationship between culture and structure: macro-structural culturalism, structural cuhuralism, and culturalism. The author argues that culture retains its relative autonmy in society, and that cultural autonomy depends on social structure, human action, particular cultural domains, and cuhure-relevant structural fields.
  • 中国与韩国社会阶级意识的比较研究
  • Basing on a comparison of social survey data came from the studies of social classes and stratification both in Korea and China, the article analysis the differences in social class structure and class consciousness between the two countries, and points out that social structure in Korea is more advanced than China in the modernization orientation as well as the class consciousness of its social members is more suite to their own objective class positions. Chinese society is just in transformation period and still lacks of a common discourse for expressing class member‘s consciousness. In a laterdeveloped country the most important factor of class formation and class consciousness is the choice of development strategy by the guiding states.
  • “内卷化”概念辨析
  • 在中国的社会学研究中,存在着为数不多的几个被认为和中国社会的某些特色联系密切且使用频次较高、影响较广泛的概念,“内卷化”是其中之一。这个概念随着黄宗智教授的著作《华北的小农经济与社会变迁》(以下简称《华北小农》)的面世而在中国农村研究中受到关注,并由于黄教授的另一著作《长江三角洲小农家庭与乡村发展》(以下简称《长江三角洲小农》)的出版而产生了进一步的影响。到
  • 第36届世界社会学大会在北京召开
  • 第36届世界社会学大会2004年7月7-11日在北京举行。7月7日下午,在北京人民大会堂举行隆重的开幕式,来自世界50多个国家和地区的1000多名代表参加了开幕式。全国政协副主席、中国社会科学院院长陈奎元出席开幕式。中国社会科学院副院长李慎明致开幕词。副院长江蓝生主持会议。北京市副市长范伯元、联合国教科文组织代表杜铭那克、国际社会学学会长本-拉斐尔、广东省人民政府代表李子彪、福特基金会代表沙琳、中国社会学学会会长陆学艺分别在大会上致欢迎词。
  • 共有的空间及其可能——历史社会学视野中的中日关系问题国际研讨会述介
  • 中日两国关于现代历史的认识问题是一个具有高度现实性和实践性的议题,如何通过对话的方式,建立起理性沟通的渠道,不仅是正确面对历史,更是正确面对东亚未来前景的必要环节。为了获致对这一问题的同情之理解与深度之反思,探索更富建设性的对话空间和方式,需要一种更具通识性的视野,以及对于两国现代历史问题的复杂性与多层次相匹配的认识。而历史学与社会学乃
  • 《社会学研究》封面



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