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  • 征稿启事 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 为中国农村脱贫而战 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Recently China reported the fifth straight annual decline in its grain harvest and said it would boost spending in its countryside to fight rural poverty. China‘s grain harvest in 2003 was 947 billion pounds, down 5 percent from 2002, said Chen, an official of a financial agency attached to China‘s Cabine. The decline was due in part to Chinese farmers switching to more profitable crops, Chen said at a news conference.
  • China's Factories Aim to Fill the World's Garages 免费阅读 下载全文
  • China, long a nation of pedestrians, cyclists and buses, is undergoing an automobile revolution. Sales of cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles here overtook similar sales in Germany this year, and production surpassed South Korea‘s.
  • On Mars Exploration Rovers - Spirit and Opportunity 免费阅读 下载全文
  • NASA‘s twin Mars exploration rovers, now named Spirit and Opportunity, are designed to study the history of water on Mars. These robotic geologists are equipped with a robotic arm, a drilling tool, three spectrometers, and four pairs of cameras that allow them to have a human-like, 3D view of the terrain. Each rover could travel as far as 100 meters in one day to act as Mars scientists eyes and hands, exploring an environment where humans can‘t yet go.
  • 追求美的权利 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 漂亮可爱难道不该永远受人青睐吗?如果你付得起代价的话,答案是肯定的。
  • Voyager Says Goodbye to the Solar System 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The most distant man-made object—the Voyager 1 spacecraft — is finally leaving the solar system. Astronomers think the probe has reached a boundary where the sun‘s influence starts to wane.
  • What a Football Fan 免费阅读 下载全文
  • While the football fan was thrilled to be at the Super Bowl, he was disappointed with the location of his seat. Peering across the stadium through his binoculars, he spied an empty seat on the 50-yard line and made his way there.
  • Spiders and Silk 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Spiders are very small, so it is easy to think that they do not make anything strong. However, a scientist at Oxford University in Britain has discovered this is not true. David Knight says that eight-legged spiders create a material called silk that could be as strong as rope.
  • Test Your Nutrition IQ 免费阅读 下载全文
  • All of us eat every day, but most of us don‘t understand nutrition. How much do you know about good nutrition? Please answer these twelve questions based on current ideas about food and health. The answers may surprise you.
  • 禽流感 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Avian influenza (AI), or “bird flu“, is caused by type A influenza virus. The symptoms can vary from a mild disease with little or no mortality to a highly fatal, rapidly spreading epidemic (highly pathogenic avian influenza), depending on the infecting virus strain, host factors, and environmental stressors.
  • The Benefit of Knowing Another language 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 2004年全国硕士研究生入学考试英语试题及答案 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 2004年全国硕士研究生入学考试英译汉试题讲评 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 2004年考研英语英译汉文章主要讲述的是为什么长期以来哲学家对语言与思维的关系很感兴趣。文章开篇即指出:早在古希腊,人们就认识到语言与思维有关联。不过,将语言研究用于不同的语言上则是近代的事。文中以20世纪上半叶的两个著名人类学家兼语言学家Franz Boas和Edward Sapir为例,指出我们
  • 意料之外,情理之中——2004年全国硕士研究生入学考试英语作文讲评 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 一场轰轰烈烈的考研热浪过去了。今年的英语考研总体情况怎么样?很多考生比较一致的意见是:今年的听力比去年简单,阅读理解的难度适中,翻译比往年稍微容易一些,而作文题目却颇令人感到意外。这也难怪,纵观历年考题,似乎都与热门话题多少沾点边。如1999年的人口问题,2000年的捕鱼与生态
  • 学会“赞美” 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 众所周知,当面赞美别人是西方人常用的待人接物方式。学会运用地道的英语赞美他人会使得人们之间的沟通更容易和更顺畅。下面将称赞对方的话分为五个方面向大家介绍。
  • 四、六级英语作文中常见的指代错误 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 指代错误是四、六级英语写作中常见的错误之一,原因就在于英语与汉语虽然都有用代词来指代前面所提到的名词或者事物的习惯,但英语的指代与汉语的指代有很大不同。汉语重意合,因此代词的使用主要依靠语义上的理解;而英语重形合,代词的使用必须符合
  • “借鸡生蛋”巧记单词 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 阅读过程中遇到生词常常令读者生畏,考试中碰到生词常使考生感到头痛。但记英文单词和词组,却又常常使人觉得枯燥乏味。记忆单词便成了英语学习的“瓶颈”。特别是一些形近单词,更令人望“词”兴叹。本文向读者介绍一种有趣的单词记忆方法——“借鸡生蛋”法(通过另一大家熟悉的单词或句子记忆新单词),帮助大家辨别、记忆一些形近单词。列举如下:
  • 有-ly与无-ly副词的习惯用法 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 英语中有些副词是由形容词加后缀-ly派生而来的,有些则和形容词同形。有-ly与无-ly的副词有的可以互换,有的则不能。这类副词的用法主要有三个方面应注意。第一:意思不同。第二:在句子中的位置不同。第三:习惯搭配。现在,让我们谈谈这类副词的一些用法。1.dear,dearly
  • the moment 等名词的连词化用法 免费阅读 下载全文
  • moment是一个常用词,一般作时间名词用,但有时它所表达的意义和句法功能却不尽相同。如:
  • Olympic Sports (Ⅻ): Gymnastics — Rhythmic Gymnastics & Trampoline 免费阅读 下载全文
  • When rhythmic gymnastics first caught the attention of the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) in the middle of the 20th century, its devotees were calling it “modern gymnastics“. Yet its hazy history can clearly be traced to atleast the last century.
  • Glossary of Rhythmic Gynmastics & Trampoline 免费阅读 下载全文
  • How to Tell a Joke 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Do you often tell jokes when you speak English? Very few students even try to do it. There are two reasons for this. One is that they have trouble remembering jokes and stories. The second reason is that they don‘t tell the jokes in a natural, funny way. Let me show you how you can tell jokes and make people laugh in English.
  • Pictures in the Park 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Jerry is taking photos in the park when Liu Fei comes along.
  • “貌合神离”的英语词语 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 英译汉时常常会遇到这样的情况:几个再熟悉不过的词搭配在一起,我们满以为有十足的把握把它们译成汉语,可实际上它们所表达的意思却与字面意思完全不同。在做翻译时,如遇到这类词语一定要联系语境来理解。现将一些常用的“貌合神离”的词语列举出来供读者鉴别。
  • On the Train Leaving Home 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 缓步 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 疑难解答(110) 免费阅读 下载全文
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