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  • Improving Minimum Living Subsidy Mechanism 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Recently the Ministry of Civil Affairs^2 pledged3 to further improve the minimum livingsubsidy mechanism to ensure poor urban residents receive necessary help under new circumstances, such as price fluctuations, at a national video-conference4. Minister of Civil Affairs Li
  • 中国热门新事物——汽车影院 免费阅读 下载全文
  • It‘s Saturday night, andshiny new cars rumble onto^1 the leafy lot^2. Customers munch^3 dried squid^4. On the screen above, Tom Cruise is speaking Chinese.
  • Iron and Phone 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Fishing 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 提示 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 新书简介 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 启事 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 启事 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 《大学英语》编辑部推荐书目 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 2005年考研文登学校暑期辅导班课程安排(2004年课程) 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 火星上发现甲烷 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 有几位研究人员已经探测到火星大气中存在甲烷气体,这再一次引发了对这个红色星球上可能存在生命的猜测。
  • 女儿眼里妈妈美 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 从投保体检表上的身高和体重来看,她可以成为湖人队的后卫。
  • ‘Ftying Man' Michael Jordan in Beijing 免费阅读 下载全文
  • US basketball legend (传奇人物) Michael Jordan ar-rived in Beijing on a private plane Monday night, May 17,2004 to start a four-leg (四段旅程) Asian tour.
  • 心灵的财富 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 潜在的财富之源隐藏在我们心中,却常常不为我们认识和利用。一些人挥霍着他们的钱财。像花花公子一样过着没有节制的生活,却发现当生活失去滋味时,财富已变成粪土。
  • 太空尘埃 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 太空并非空无一物,而是充满了各种废物。地球每年绕太阳一周,就从太空中收集到4万吨尘埃。这个估计虽然不见得有多么精确。但是太空确实“肮脏”。
  • Keys to a Fruitful Job Interview 免费阅读 下载全文
  • A job hunter can hatialsI in the worldjob interview. Ifve the best creden-and still flunk^2 that happens,his dreams of employment are shattered^3,at least with one employer.
  • Dolphins' Self-Recognition 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Many people believe that dolphins are among the smartest animals on Earth. Dolphins are warm-blooded sea animals, Recently, scientists discovered that dolphins could do something that humans can do. They say dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror, a shiny piece of glass.
  • Ask, Affirm, Take Action 免费阅读 下载全文
  • When my daughter, Janna, was a junior in high school, she was accepted as a foreign exchange student^2 to Germany. We were delighted that she had been chosen for such a special experience. Then the exchange organization informed us that we had to pay $4,000 in costs --and the money was due^3 on June 5, two months away.
  • The Story of Chocolate 免费阅读 下载全文
  • American-made chocolates and cocoa products number in the hundreds^1. There hides a fascinating^2 story behind this wonderful product. To tell that story and provide a better understanding of the chocolate industry and its long-standing traditions is the purpose of this article. The Story of Chocolate is essentially a layman‘s3 introduction to the subject. It will provide readers an opportunity to view the industry as a whole^4.
  • CET-4听力测试特点和解题技巧 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 2003年12月全国大学英语四级考试已经落下帷幕,如何顺利通过四级考试难关并取得理想的成绩仍是历届学生敏感的话题。为了帮助考生掌握正确的听力学习与应试方法,提高考前复习效果,本文从听力试题设置出发.探讨听力理解题的特点和解题技巧。
  • CET-4考试中的“that” 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 作为连词的that在四级考试中是一个常出现的考点。本文拟将四级考试中that的用法作一归纳.并对有关的考题进行简析。
  • 国家、城市雅称集锦 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 秀出你的个性 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 在口语和写作中,许多人因苦于找不到合适的词描述自己的个性.而处于尴尬的局面。笔者通过多种途径,搜集整理了一些描述个性的形容词.希望有助于你展示自己。
  • 英语贺卡贺词 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 英美等国的贺卡封面设计精巧,贺词或言简意赅、或感情细腻、或风趣幽默。赠送者只需在贺卡上写上接受者的姓名或称谓以及自己的姓名即可。收到贺卡后,人们通常把贺卡打开并竖放在家中书桌或装饰柜上搁一段时间.以表示对贺卡的欣赏和珍惜、对赠送者的尊重和谢意。常见的贺卡和贺词有:
  • 形形色色的“天热”表达法 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 两条动词搭配规律 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 意义相近的表达方法.往往有相同的搭配。把这些单词集中起来记忆,可以使学习效果事半功倍。下面举两类单词,希望对大家有所启发。
  • Afterthought的一种表达方式 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 人们在说话或写文章时.说完或写完后免不了还会想起某些细节需要补充.这就是所谓。“afterthought。表达世afterthought的方式可以有多种,而“名词+of which/whom”结构就是一种简明、经济的表达方法。本文拟就此结构作些探讨。
  • 有趣的短语位置 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 在英语学习中,我遇见了一些有趣的短语:它们一般由两、三个单词组成,这几个单词的前后位置互换一下,短语意思就改变了。以下是几组常见的这种短语,希望对大家记忆短语有所帮助。
  • 英语词汇“逆序速记法” 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 单词的记忆是学习英语的基础。笔者在三十多年的英语教学中发现,学生背记单词通常都很辛苦,但效果往往不很理想。针对这种情况,笔者经过多方面研究与验证,提出“逆序速记法”,以期帮助读者提高记忆单词的效果,尽快学好英语。
  • 了解英汉差异 提高写作水平 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 英汉两种语言承载不同的文化,说两种语言的人的思维方式也有差别。学习者可以通过了解中英文差异来提高写作水平。
  • 正确使用标点 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 英语的标点符号在书面表达中起着重要的作用。正确地使用标点,可以使句子结构清晰、语义明确、节奏突出、句式活泼。而误用标点,则可能使同一句话产生几种截然不同的理解,甚至造成语义模糊,无法解释。在中国学生的英文写作中,常会出现各种各样标点符号方
  • A Little Cat 免费阅读 下载全文
  • It was late afternoon. The sky was low with dark clouds. A strong wind was blowing. It was cold - very cold
  • Olympic Sports (XV): Cycling (I) 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Bicycles were first developed in the mid-18th century and have long since^1 been used as a form of transport. In 1839, Scottish blacksmith KirkpatrickMcMillan devised a pedal-and-crank mechanism^2 to power the two-wheeled machine, which gave
  • Idiomatic Expressions--Add Color to Your Conversation 免费阅读 下载全文
  • This article is about learning and usingidioms. Idioms are special expressionsthat make your conversation more interesting. Instead of using a normal statementsuch as “I agree”, you might say “I see whatyou mean”. Or instead of saying “I‘m very hungry”,you might say “I could eat hores”.
  • My Favorite Place 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 英译汉易犯的错误 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Embracing Computer-Generated Age 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Nowadays, computer is playing an increas-ingly important role in our daily life. In fact^1, it has replaced manpower in a variety of fields.Will the world become a computer-generated world someday? How fantastic it will be if I can live to see those2 earth-shaking changes. At this moment, a little bit3 imagination may help…
  • 青春与暮年 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 疑难解答(112) 免费阅读 下载全文
  • [神州之窗]
    Improving Minimum Living Subsidy Mechanism(汪斌斌)
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    女儿眼里妈妈美(ErmaBombeck 沈小平 王娜)
    ‘Ftying Man' Michael Jordan in Beijing(洪风)
    太空尘埃(JoelAchenbach 方陵生)
    Keys to a Fruitful Job Interview
    Dolphins' Self-Recognition(孙宏纲)
    Ask, Affirm, Take Action
    The Story of Chocolate(王希玲)
    了解英汉差异 提高写作水平(张正荣)
    A Little Cat(FanGuoguang)
    Olympic Sports (XV): Cycling (I)(姜全红)
    Idiomatic Expressions--Add Color to Your Conversation(JosephDeVeto)
    My Favorite Place(JosephDeVeto)
    Embracing Computer-Generated Age


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