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  • Requiem 安魂曲 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 罗伯特·路易·史蒂文森(Robert Louis Stevenson,1850-1894)出生于苏格兰爱丁堡,是著名的评论家,作家,诗人。
  • AOL to offer more free web content 免费阅读 下载全文
  • After nearly 20 years of charging subscribers for access to the Interact and news, sports and entertainment content, AOL will radically shift gears in 2005: Much of its content will be free at the aol.com Web site.
  • Spirit finds new proof of Martian water 免费阅读 下载全文
  • NASA‘s rover Spirit has found a mineral that is the surest hint of water on Mars, scientists said.
  • Google to scan books from five libraries 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Google Inc. is trying to establish an online reading room for the New York public library as well as libraries at four universities-Harvard, Stanford, Michigan and Oxford in Engiand-by scanning stacks of hard-to-find books into its widely used-Internet search engine.
  • IBM sells PC business to Lenovo Group 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Lenovo Group has agreed to pay US$1.25 billion for IBM‘s personal computer business, lifting China‘s largest PC maker to third in global rankings and giving it a globally recognised brand.
  • Chinese Lunar Calendar 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 这篇文章语言地道、流畅而简单、但表达力很强。其中谈十二生肖的部分特别适合同学们在描写人物性格时模仿。
  • Why Do Lobsters Become So Plentiful? 龙虾为什么丰产? 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 在缅因州近海水域捕龙虾的船上,常常会看到这样的情景:船长把渔网拉上船栏,打开渔网,然后把一些龙虾扔回海里。对不知情的人来说。这种做法看起采像是一种异乎寻常的荒唐行为,但实际上却体现出一种精心管理自然资源的调节方式。
  • Brain Scan Shows Differences in Truth and Lying 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Brain scans show that the brains of people who are lying look very different from those of people who are telling the truth, researchers said.
  • Could Astronauts Hibernate on Long Space Trips? 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Are you sure they would want to, having seen what happened to the hibernating crews in the films 2001 and Alien? Slumbering the months and years of tedious intergalactic journeys away in a hibernation chamber may e a staple of science fiction,
  • 启事 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 2006年GRE考试将增加难度 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Public Toilets' Another Revolution in China 中国公厕新革命 免费阅读 下载全文
  • November 19th is the World Toilet Day Jack Jim, founder of the World Toilet Organization (WTO), said, “Toilet is the symbol of the human civilization.” The 2004 World Toilet Summit was held in Beijing from November 17th to 19th.
  • Penguin Decline Due to Global Warming? 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The Earth is getting warmer according to most scientists. In recent years that phenomenon has prompted researchers to investigate what effect rising temperatures are having on cold-loving penguins and other wildlife species.
  • Sunshine 母爱——黑暗中永不熄灭的灯 免费阅读 下载全文
  • “How long has she been skating?” the woman asked, as she took a seat next to me on the bleachers surrounding the ice rink. “She‘s very good! ”
  • Martin Luther King Day (Third Monday in January) 免费阅读 下载全文
  • It was December 1955, and Martin Luther King, Jr. had just received his doctorate degree in theology. He had moved to Montgomery, Alabama to preach at a Baptist church. He saw there, as in many other southern states, that African-Americans had to ride in the back of public buses.
  • Nicole Kidman: A Redhead Beauty 免费阅读 下载全文
  • “Even from a very early age, I knew I didn‘t want to miss out on anything life had to offer just because it might be considered dangerous.” -Nicole Kidman
  • Our Pursuit of Happiness 免费阅读 下载全文
  • “Are you happy?” I asked my brother, Lan, one day. “Yes. No. It depends on what you mean,” he said. “Then tell me,” I said, “when was the lasttime you think you were happy?”
  • Closer《靠不近的爱》 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 以帕特里克·马伯创作的托尼奖获奖话剧为蓝本,《靠不近的爱》用直白、感人而又真实得近乎残忍的笔法,讲述了四位陌生人之间错综复杂的关系。
  • Eat the Right Food for the Job 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Why give strawberries to astronauts? Because what you eat affects your work output.
  • The Voices of Time 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Time talks. It speaks more plainly than words. Time communicates in many ways.
  • 英国国歌小史 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 英国国歌(The British National Anthem)的歌词部分来源于《圣经》(The Bible),但我们很少有人确切知道国歌的词、曲的最初作者。1545年时“God Save the King”(神佑国王)在英国海军中只是一句“口令”(password),回令应是“Long live the King”(国王万岁)。
  • “情态动词+have+过去分词……”与四级考试 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 笔者对近几年大学英语四级考试中的词汇与语法结构部分进行了分析,发现其中经常出现“情态动词+have+过去分词……”结构的试题。例如:
  • CET-4同义词试题类型分析 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 每次大学英语四级考试Vocabulary and Structure中都有不少题涉及到同义词的辨析,怎样有效答对这部分题是考试的一个难点。笔者通过对最近几年考卷的分析,归纳总结出同义词试题的几种类型,为考生提供一些解题的思路。
  • 根据标点符号快速解题 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 四六级考试中。有时掌握标点符号方面的知识(尤其是逗号)有助于判断语法结构题中的句子结构,能迅速排除干扰项。甚至可以一步到位。例如:
  • 简答题解题思路与技巧 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 对于简答题的回答.有人认为只要看懂了全文的大概内容。似乎不会有太大的问题。但我们在对学生进行简答题训练时发现以下几个方面仍需注意:
  • Handball 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The modem game of handball was first played towards the end of the 19th century in Denmark, Germany and Sweden. The sport evolved and grew in popularity early in the 20th century. Ironically, it was the secretary general of the Association Internationale de Football, a Dutchman called Hirschmann, who encouraged the spread of field handball in 1912. The first set of rules for field handball were drawn up in 1917 by Max Heiser,
  • 怎样写履历 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 履历通常是求职者必备的材料之一,可视为一种自我推销方式,即让审读人在很短时间内对你感兴趣,了解你的能力,明白你能干什么。履历表在美国常叫做resume,在英国常叫做curriculum vitae,简称CV,有时也叫做data sheet。它是对个人的重要经历、业绩、能力或性格的简要介绍。
  • 英语介词的遗漏 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 介词虽小,但用法却很复杂,所涉及的问题很多。本文在这里只谈谈介词的遗漏问题。介词的遗漏是指初学者在遣词造句时所犯的丢失介词的语法错误,主要有以下几个方面:
  • 英语名词的动词化 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 美国专家Cole Louis在批改一位中国学生的英语作文时.将其中描写山景的一个句子In front.it was the sharp slope of a clift.改成:The front cliff sloped sharply.同是一个slope,由名词改用作动词.前后两个句子的结构和气势便迥然不同。在适当的语境下选择适当的名词进行动词化处理,
  • 用时序法译英语长句 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 长句的翻译是英译汉的难点。我在教学实践中发现用时序法可以很容易翻译某一类长句。时序法是指:如果原句涉及不同时间,那么翻译成汉语的时候,可以按照时间顺序来处理,也就是:先发生的事情先说,后发生的事情后说。例如:
  • Three Passions I Live For 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Looking back on my past twenty years full of passions and enthusiasm, I feel grateful and to live a healthy and happy life. There are a lot of qualities I have learnt from ordinary life that guided me through. If I am asked to list the first three, I will put health, happiness of my family and enough financial support as the passions I live for.
  • Winter in Beijing 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Jerry and Liu are walking down the street on a cold, windy Beijing afternoon.
  • Ask Teacher Joe! 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Question: Hi Teacher Joe. I read your ideas about using dictations in the August issue of College English. It seems like a good way to improve my listening skills while also learning new vocabulary and sentences. Sometimes, however, I don‘t know if I should listen word by word, sentence by sentence, or paragraph by paragraph. Can you give me any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Requiem 安魂曲(史静怡)
    AOL to offer more free web content(李颖)
    Spirit finds new proof of Martian water(李颖)
    Google to scan books from five libraries(李颖)
    IBM sells PC business to Lenovo Group(西贝)
    Chinese Lunar Calendar(方陵生)
    Why Do Lobsters Become So Plentiful? 龙虾为什么丰产?(陈平尚)
    Brain Scan Shows Differences in Truth and Lying(贾庆文)
    Could Astronauts Hibernate on Long Space Trips?(王小刚)

    Public Toilets' Another Revolution in China 中国公厕新革命(余巧耘)
    Penguin Decline Due to Global Warming?
    Sunshine 母爱——黑暗中永不熄灭的灯(LauriKhodabandehloo 刘嘉)
    Martin Luther King Day (Third Monday in January)(邵有学)
    Nicole Kidman: A Redhead Beauty(董淑欣 王军霞)
    Our Pursuit of Happiness
    Closer《靠不近的爱》(KitBowen 李芳源)
    Eat the Right Food for the Job
    The Voices of Time
    英国国歌小史(姜黎黎 余静)
    Three Passions I Live For
    Winter in Beijing(JosephDeVeto)
    Ask Teacher Joe!(JosephDeVeto)


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