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  • Velvet Shoes 天鹅绒鞋 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 人生真理名言二则 免费阅读 免费下载
  • The Kyoto Protocol and China 免费阅读 免费下载
  • The kyoto Protocol is an agreement to the United Nations Framework Convention on CLimate Change (UNFCCC)^2,an international treaty on global warming .It is a legally binding agreement under which industrialized countries will reduce their collective emissions of greenhouse gases by an average of 5.2% compared to the level of 1990 during the 2008-12 period.
  • How Science Can Save Lives 科学怎样拯救生命 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 在过去十年中.我和印尼同事一直试图搞清楚苏门答腊发生的大地震。到去年,我们已经获得了足够的知识,开始给那些生活在大的地震断层上部地区的岛民讲述地震的威胁。不久我将访问他们,届时便会知道我们的努力是否挽救了一些人的生命。
  • Nature's Nuclear Reactor 大自然中的核反应堆 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 人类直到20世纪才建起了棱反应堆.而大自然在20亿年前就建-了一个核反应堆,它自行开启,自行关闭,存储核废料,并且决无熔毁之虞。
  • Sandpipers to Bring Us Joy 免费阅读 收费下载
  • She was six years old when I first met her on the beach near where I live.I drive to this beach,a distance of three or four miles,whenever the world begins to close in on me.She was building a sandcastle or something and looked up,her eyes as blue as the sea.
  • Meet the Next Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan and Jet Li 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Up-and-coming movie star Tony Jaa has heard the invitable comparisons: He‘s the next Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, the heir-apparent to the action star throne.
  • Wake up and stop Smelling the Coffee 免费阅读 免费下载
  • The next time someone tells you to wake up and smell the coffee don‘t take it literally, instead go ahead and chuck2 your coffee making machine as a new study has revealed3 that having more than one cup of coffee a day increases the risk of heart disease and even one cup is ‘risky.‘
  • Shouting is Good for a Woman's Health 免费阅读 免费下载
  • WOMEN now have a decent excuse for shouting at their husbands--it may be good for their health. A study has found that those who give vent to their anger live longer than those who bite their tongue.
  • How to Lose Fat 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Here is yet another article about losing body fat. The Interact is riddled with such articles, Some propose complex diets; others give worth while valuable advice and most are trying to sell something.
  • Potatoes Pack a Punch Against Hepatitis B 吃土豆,防乙肝 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 科学家称,转基因土豆可以像通常注射的疫苗那样预防疾病,这对发展中国家来说是一个好消息。
  • Chinese Tea Culture 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Of the three major beverages of the world-tea, coffee and cocoa--tea is consumed by the largest number of people.
  • 四级阅读练习一篇 免费阅读 收费下载
  • On any collecting trip, obtaining the animals is, as a nile, the simplest part of the job. As soon as the local people discover that you are willing to buy live wild creatures, the stuff comes pouring in; ninety percent is, of course, the more common types, but they do bring an occasional rarity. If you want the really rare stuff, you generally have to go out and find it yourself.
  • 考研翻译训练(2) 免费阅读 收费下载
  • A tool is an implement or device used directly upon a piece of material to shape it into a desired form. The date of the earhest tools is extremely ancient. Tcols found in northern Kenya in 1969 have been estimated to be about 2,600,000 years old, and their state of development suggests that even older tools remain to be discovered.
  • 2005年考研英语作文试题讲评 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 2005年全国考研的应用文试题是要求写一封辞职信,试题及考试指令如下:
  • 2005年考研英语阅读第一部分题解 免费阅读 免费下载
  • Everybody loves a fat pay rise. Yet pleasure at your own can vanish if you learn that a colleague has been given a bigger one. Indeed, if he has a reputation for slacking, you might even be outraged. Such behaviour is regarded as ““all too1 human““, with the underlying assumption that other animals would not be capable of this finely developed sense of grievance. But a study by Sarah Brosnan and Frans de Waal of Emory University in Atlanta, which has just been published in Nature, suggests that it is all too monkey, as well.
  • 四、六级简笔英语作文 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 写简笔英语作文,不是“大事化小,小事化了”的简单化。一个关键单词不懂,怎么办?一个很有说服力的观点、看法表达不出来怎么办?当然不好办,但不好办不等于办不到。用简笔也能写出比较复杂、丰富的内容,关键在于如何用活那些基本词汇和表达式。类似good、bad、do、thing、the。e等简单词汇,用活后表达力也很强!下面两篇简笔作文可供大家参考。
  • 四、六级作文常用句式介绍 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 大学英语四、六级考试中。最令人发怵的莫过于英文写作了,学生们往往不知如何下笔,现介绍一些四、六级作文常用句式,供大家参考和借鉴。
  • 2005年1月四级考试作文题阅卷述评 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 2005年1月英语四级考试作文题目是作竞选学生会主席的演说,作文提纲包含两项内容:一、胜任学生会主席工作的条件(能力、性格、爱好);二、如果当选,能为同学做些什么。从阅卷情况来看,此次很少出现白卷,字数一般都超过规定字数(120字)。与往年相比,此次大部分考生的作文都能切题,连贯性较好,用词丰富,作文开头多样化,如:
  • 英语四、六级考试改革方案简介——摘自“大学外语教学通讯” 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 四、六级考试改革在即,将采取的重要举措之一是改革计分体制和成绩报导方式。自2005年6月考试(试点)起,四、六级考试成绩将采用满分为710分的计分体制,不设及格线;成绩报导方式由考试合格证书改为成绩报告单,即考后向每位考生发放成绩报告单,报导内容包括:总分、单项分等。为使学校理解考试分数的含义并根据各校的实际情况合理使用考试测量的结果,四、六级考试委员会将向学校提供四、六级考试分数的解释。
  • Judo 柔道 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Kodokan Judo :Judo means many things to different people.It is a fun sport,an art,a discipline,a recreational or social activity,a fitness program,a means of self-defense or combat,and a way of life,It is all of these and more.
  • 怎样辨析词义 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 许多学习英语的朋友苦于无法区别一些近义词.想通过做一些词汇辨异练习题来进行区别.反而越做越糊涂:一些教师也觉得为学生进行词汇辨异有时“越解释越不清楚”。其实。只要抓住几个关键.问题就会迎刃而解。
  • 翻译中隐含文化信息的处理 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 如果作者与读者属同一个文化。那么他们就会共享某些信息,比如本文化群体的常识、知识以及共同的历史和文化经历等。这些在作品中作者常常会略去,不做多余的解释,因为讲出来反而不简洁,而这些不言而喻的隐含信息对另一个文化群体的译文读者来说却是陌生的.如果不翻译出来,读者可能就会觉得译文费解。那么在翻译中碰到隐含的文化信息时。该如何处理呢?
  • My Dream,My World 免费阅读 收费下载
  • I often dream the same dream: I am driving together with my mother on a stretched straight path. The birds are singing and playing around the car, the flowers are opening richly which decorate the land. The breeze is flirting with our hair, my long, black waterfall and my mother‘ s short gray hair.
  • Cycling in Beijing 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Liu and Jerry are looking at a map of Beijing,planning a long ride through the city.
  • Ask Teacher Joe! 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Question: Dear Teacher Joe, I hope you can help me find a word that is not in my dictionary. My father‘s elder brother married a woman from Australia. Now she is coming to China, but I don‘t know what to call her in English. In Chinese, we say bomu which means ““auntie““. I want to know how to correctly talk to her.
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