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  • Today and Tomorrow 今朝与明天 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 英诗韵律欣赏 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 诗歌讲究意韵之合。“意”指诗所内涵或外延的思想意义:“韵”是对其节奏韵律的选择,是诗歌的重要形式外衣。优秀诗歌是内容与形式的完美结合。下面我们来欣赏两首英语短诗(黑体为强音)。
  • Expressions Concerning Cross—Straits Relations台海关系相关表达法 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Your Cheating Phone骗人电话 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 手机对你就所在的地点、活动和意图进行撒谎是变得更容易了还是更难了?
  • The True Value of Daddy's Little Helper 免费阅读 收费下载
  • I am standing by the kitchen window onthis one of the first days of real gar-dening weather here in central Maine.I watch as my 8-year-old son, Anton, works, un-bidden‘, pulling weeds from his small strawberryplot. Every so often he pauses, like the little manhe is, and wipes his brow with his shirt sleeve.Then he digs in anew^2. He is tireless.
  • PUPPIES FOR SALE待售的小狗 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 一个农夫有几只小狗要出售。他画了一块卖狗的招牌,动手将它钉在院子旁边的柱子上。就在他钉最后一颗钉子时,他突然感到他的工作裤被拽了一下。他低下头来,正好与一个小男孩的目光相碰。
  • I Share a Garden with the World与世界分享花园 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 我爸爸出生在农村,因此无论我们居住在郊区什么地方.他总能找空地建一个大花园。到了某种水果或蔬菜成熟的季节,我们总会有许多收获,我母亲总能想出新招把它放在餐桌上。
  • Engagement, Weddings and Birth in Rural Denmark 丹麦乡村的订婚、结婚、生子 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Engagement, weddings, and birth of a baby are the three steps of a new family. The Danes‘^1 special ways of doing these things inform their native culture.
  • The Mystery of Stonehenge 免费阅读 收费下载
  • People from all over the world come to the Salisbury Plain^2 in England at the summer solstice^3-the time when the day is the longest and the night is the shortest. They come because Stonehenge is a mysterious monument^4 from prehistory^5. No one knows who put up the great megaliths^6 of Stonehenge. No one knows why Stonehenge was important to those people. Yet the mystery of Stonehenge interests many people.
  • 好消息 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 启事 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 名人名言 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 名人名言 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 哈尔滨理工大学公共外语教学部简介 免费阅读 免费下载
  • Why Is America’s System of Higher Education So Good?美国的高等教育何以优越? 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 人们无数次问我的一个主要问题,特别是我在国外旅行时,就是:美国的高等教育何以优越?是的,如人们常说的那样,美国的高等教育令世人羡慕。
  • Believe It or Not信不信由你 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 本文介绍了美国流传的一些有趣的“迷信”思想或行为,它们大都失去了“狰狞”面孔,而给们人的日常生活增添了不少趣味和幽默。
  • When Dreams Won’t Die 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 人生并非是坦荡的旅途。在困难、挫折来临的时候,用自己的智慧、勇气和永不气馁的精神就能打开通往成功之路。
  • 英语词典小史 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 最早的英语词典出现于16世纪,是一些学校为培养精英人材而编写的几本小型拉英、英拉词典。
  • 大学英语四级考试词汇练习 免费阅读 收费下载
  • There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A ), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.
  • 四级阅读练习一篇 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Film is a medium that might have been especially made for America, a vast country which, by the beginning of the twentieth century, had a large immigrant population, many of whom could hardly speak English. These people would have had little use for the theatre, even if they lived within easy distance of one, or for most of the books they could buy because they did not have enough English.
  • 考研作文练习(2) 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Terry Schiavo was an American woman who had been living unconsciously on a feeding tube for 15 years. She had her tube removed under court haling on March 18, and was peacefully starved to death within the following two weeks. In 2003, a terminally ill Chinese peasant, Wang Mingcheng,who suffered from stomach cancer, heart disease, hepatitis B and asthma, asked for euthanasia. But his request was rejected by all hospitals as euthanasia is still against law in China.
  • 考研翻译训练(4) 免费阅读 收费下载
  • A student‘s initial studies at a medieval university centered around the traditional liberal arts curriculum. The trivium consisted of grammar, rhetoric, and logic, and the quadrivium was comprised of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy,and music. 1) All classes were conducted in which provided a common means of communication for students, regardless of their coun-try of origin. Basically, medieval university instruction used the lecture method. The word lecture is derived from Latin and means “to read.”
  • 考研英语阅读新题型B的解题方法 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 考研英语阅读B是一种新题型,其出发点是考查考生在篇章水平上对文章的综合理解能力,其特点是突出考查考生对文章整体思路的把握,是完型填空和阅读理解的结合。这种题型难度较大,一篇长文章去掉了其中的5个部分(或是若干句子,或是整个段落),再添加两个干扰选项.考生需要从这7个打乱了顺序的选项里选出5个,分别填入文章中相应的部位。
  • 语篇与完型填空 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 完形填空从表面来看似乎是要求考生将句中被删掉的词恢复过来。但实际上它测试了考生在语篇上综合运用语言知识的能力,特别是运用语境知识的能力。因此,要做好完形填空题,必须要在通读全文、把握文章结构和大意的前提下,根据原文提供的句子,利用推理、对比等手段。最后确定答案。
  • 名人名言 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 有关“学生”的习惯译法 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 在日常生活和学习中,我们经常用到“学生”这个词,用得较多的就是“student”。但是这个词有时不能确切地说明身份和学历。有时还会影响要表达的意思。为此,笔者在日常教学和生活中搜集整理了一些有关“学生”一词的译法,现提供如下:
  • Rowing 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Rowing is one of the oldest and most physically challenging sports still in existence today.Like swimming, rowing utilizes every major muscle group in the body: legs, abdomen,chest, back, and arms.
  • 汉译英中介词的翻译 免费阅读 收费下载
  • 介词的误用是我国学生英语写作中常见的错误,本文拟就常用介词的误用作一分析比较.以期对英语学习者有所帮助。
  • before等于“在……之前”吗? 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 《大学英语一精读》第一册Unit7中有这样一个句子:
  • 怎么理解at one o’clock? 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 有一次上课,笔者将一篇科普文章交给学生做翻译练习。该文介绍了一种装在眼镜框上的微型计算机定位系统,它可以解决盲人行路时看不见前方障碍物的困难。其中有这样一句话:
  • An Unforgettable Experience 免费阅读 收费下载
  • It happened many years ago, when I was a little girl. I can remember neither the beginning nor the end, but whenever I think of the scene, my tears flowed freely^1 down my cheeks.
  • Public Transport in Beijing 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Liu: Jerry! You‘re here early. What apleasant surprise! How did you get here so fast?
  • Ask Teacher Joe! 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Question: Hello, Teacher Joe. I am a university student preparing for the CET4, but now I am so puzzled. You have said that reading is the best way to learn new words, much more effective than just reading a dictionary. I agre ewith you, as reading a dictionary often makes me forget the words. But, in what way can reading help me to pass the CET4? The test contains many new words that I have never seen. How should I prepare for it?
  • A Bill from the Lawyer 免费阅读 免费下载
  • A doctor and a lawyer were talking at a party. Asthey were talking they were constantly interrupted bypeople describing their health problems and asking formedical advice.
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    Today and Tomorrow 今朝与明天
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    I Share a Garden with the World与世界分享花园
    Engagement, Weddings and Birth in Rural Denmark 丹麦乡村的订婚、结婚、生子(苗苗)
    The Mystery of Stonehenge(SusanS.Johnston 夏琨)

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    A Bill from the Lawyer(李同良 孙鹏)


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