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  • 天津艺术博物馆藏鼻烟壶
  • The article introduces part of the snuff bottles collected by the TianJin Arts Museum.
  • 在盛传无形文化遗产喧阗声中略谈琴器的修复
  • Reparis of anclent stringed musical instruments started in the Song dynasty and continued through the Yuan, Qing and the republic period into the contemporary era following the founding of New China , extending for as long as several hundred years.The article divides its materials into two parts: ancient and contemporary ,to reveal how the skills of repairing stringed instruments have been inherited and innovated.
  • 海归阁帖周年记
  • 一年前“海归”的《淳化阁帖》最善本,在经历大展、大赛、大讲坛系列活动庆典洗礼,接受专家、公众隆重检阅稍后.仿佛喜庆完婚新人,被延入洞房,恬然隐身于幽邃静谧的上海博物馆地库、一架以西汉金丝楠木特地度身打造的四屉匣床之内,奉安珍藏。
  • 漫话六朝青瓷
  • During the Six dynasties period , bird was a major subject in the decorative arts for blue porcelain. The images of birds on blue porcelain articles reveal the mental outlook of the people at the time . The objects mentioned in the atricles are collected by the Zhejiang Provincial Museum.
  • 中国江南家神的魅力
  • The common people in southern china , known as home of fish and rice ,have their own beliefs and worship various kinds of gods ,which is unique in the southern China culture . The article introduces all kinds of gods worshiped by people in southern China and these gods are the folk art works collected by the author for years.
  • 小墅松崖阿那处 最便宜是听流湍——读钱维城山水册
  • 《石渠宝笈》著录的清官旧藏依然不时刺激着高端收藏爱好者敏感的神经。有人曾撰文.很不以为然地从艺术水准上褒贬过所谓的“宝笈热”,可大抵正是因《石渠宝笈》收录的书画作品要么真的稀罕.要么就有一派皇家气——舍我其谁的堂皇、富贵、华丽且不失文士之风,不失儒雅的雍容与野鹤闲云般的飘逸.当然.还有奢华.譬如带康熙朝织锦的卷包首、
  • 笔饶生机 心游物表——海派画家程璋介绍
  • Chang Zhang(1869-1936), alias Yao Sheng, a native of Xiuning in Anhui Province, was a Shanghai School painter toward the end of the Qing dynasty and at the beginning of the Republic period , famous for painting flowers, feather, moving animals, mountains and rivers and figures. During his life time, he published the “Selection of Paintings by Mr.Cheng Yaosheng“, His unique style of painting features the blend of traditional Chinese and western styles, with much attention to details and beautiful colors.
  • 艺术的功德——夏景春纪年款金铜佛像收藏
  • Mr.Xia Jingchun of Shenyang in Northeast China is noted for his collection of gold and bronze Buddhist statues. The article introduces a few pieces of gold and bronze Buddhist statues with year marks collected by Mr.Xia.
  • 吴昌硕论诗信札
  • The articie introduces correspondence exchanged between Wu Changsuo and his townsfolk Chang Xiaoyun on their views on poetry. Collected by the Huzzhou City Museum in Zhejiang Province, the letters show Painter and Calligrapher Wu Changsuo‘s attainment and views on the writing of ancient style poems.
  • 祁门古陶瓷厂与元青花云龙纹象耳瓶
  • Qimen Ancient Porcelain produces ancient porcelain imitations modeled on the Cai Kiln. Around 1990, porcelain dealers of Jingdezhen succeeded in using painted body to make imitated Blue-and -white Vase with Dragon Designs and Elephant Shaped Ears of the Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368).
  • 明清家具的材质研究与鉴定——紫檀
  • The articles study the rosewood from the categories and quality, place of origin, mode of trading and means of transport.
  • 新罗山人画册赏析
  • Hua Yan(1628-1756), alias New Luo Shan Man, with another name of Qiu Yue, was a noted painter in the mid-Qing period , The article introduces the eight-page album by the New Luo Shan Man ,including three pages of flowers ,birds and animal paintings and five pages of figures .It was originally collected in the Tingfan Pavilion of Pan Jitong .
  • 清乾隆《钦定补刻端石兰亭图帖缂丝全卷》
  • 缂丝是一种以特殊方法织成的丝织品种,桑蚕丝为原料,先将本色丝经于本机上,再将画稿衬于经线下,用毛笔将花纹轮廓描摹到经纱上.用多把小梭子穿引备色丝线,根据花纹颜色需要随意更换梭子.分区分色挖织而成,因而表现力极强,称之为“通经断纬”。乾隆盛世,国强民富,经济高度发展.缂丝技术达到历史的顶峰。正是由于乾隆皇帝的格外钟爱和当时高超的缂丝技艺和生产能力才产生了《钦定补刻端石兰亭图帖缂丝全卷》这样的鸿篇巨制。
  • 北京太平洋
  • 太平洋国际拍卖有限公司2004年春季艺术精品中国书画专场拍卖会将于04年6月1日-5日在京瑞大厦举槌(04年春季艺术精品瓷玉、家具专场拍卖会于04年6月24日-27日在京瑞大厦举行)。
  • 上海国拍
  • 上海国拍2004春季艺术品拍卖会定于5月30日、31日2天假上海大剧院八楼宴会厅举行 。5月27日-29日三天进行公开预展,届时将推出6个专场的拍卖,总计1300多件。
  • 马海芳
  • 苏州画家恋水乡
  • “不识庐山真面目,只缘身在此山中”。诗人刻意突出庐山外貌景观感性之美。其实,欲识庐山真面目,还必须身入此山中。交友,初相识,印象还好,深交便觉失望,但也有开头并不吸引人的朋友,日久始感宽厚博大。景如人,观景亦如交友。有些朋友我不爱,有些景色我不喜欢。我学生时期去过几次凡尔赛宫,兴味索然。因我没有路易十六及皇后玛丽·安东尼奥脱的审美趣味。
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