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  • 构筑开放大舞台 做大做强山西文化品牌——2003平遥国际摄影大展综述 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The 2003 Pingyao International Photography Festival was successfully celebrated belween September 16 and 22. More than 190 exhibitions, totaling some 10,000 photos, from 14 countries were on public view. Other highlights included the opening ceremony featuring a gala concert “Let‘s Meet in Pingyao”; four photography forums; the unveiling of Pingyao International Photography Museum; the award-giving ceremonies sponsored by two multinationals; a temple fair and Shanxi pasta show. Totally, 128 foreign guests and 3,480 domestic visitors from 20 provinces and municipalities as well as Hong Kong attended the festival. The 2003 Pingyao International Photography Festival has once again played an exemplary role in opening Shanxi wider to the outside world, raising its profile, boosting its tourist industry, and pushing Shanxi further on the road to a culture-strong province.
  • 古约古城 誉满五洲 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The photo festival has played a unique role in projecting our image, promoting our confidence, and boosting the overall development of our socioeconomic work; the festival has also been a factor in the building of a culture-strong province, the development of culture industry, and promotion of an advanced culture; and the festival has also been conducive and helpful to our understonding of foreign cultures in order to borrow what is good for us, the introduction of advanced management expertise so as to strengthen our capacities for reform and opening. The successful holding of the Pingyao International Photography Festival has created an opportunity for Shanxi to go international and for the world to get an understanding of Shanxi and to care more about Shanxi.
  • 平遥:期待冲出围城的摄影节 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Of the various photography festivals in China, the Pingyao International Photography Festival is still the one of the highest professional standard, the most appealing. As a form of visual language, imagery should not get divorced from social reality. If we could invite to the festival more culture researchers, historians, anthropologists, sociologists, and painters, the photography festival would break the boundaries of photography, attrad more audience, have a more enduring life, and meanwhile offer a wider scope of knowledge to photographers.
  • 摄影要融入社会——中国优秀摄影画册阿尔卡特大奖评委陈海汶谈平遥国际摄影大展参展参评作品 免费阅读 下载全文
  • A photographer-turned-entrepreneur in Shanghai, Mr. then Haiwen has been pursuing the “photography can get a better development only if it involves in society” concept in both his business and photography practice. He is exploring a road, which is complementary, not conflicting, and also embraces photography, society, art and business. Since society is so large whereas photography is so esoteric, photography can not get a great leap forward, he thinks, unless it integrates into society. And it is true that any art form is of no value if it is divested of social moorings and photography must go to market if it wants to engage with society.
  • 开放:见证平遥古城的世界影响 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Small as it is, Pingyao is more often than not mentioned by people with blue eyes, blond hairs and strong noses as Pingyao has become the haunt of foreigners. “Going out” and “Coming in” are the two “wings” of reform and opening, with either of which missing, it is impossible to fly. Now the people of Pingyao, a people of a magnanimous character and open mind, have flung open the city gate, welcoming photographers from all corners of the world and receiving their cultural achievement. At the same time these visiting photographers or exhibitors will bring their work out to the world and subsequently bring Pingyao and its fame to the outside world.
  • 大展:托起文化强省的龙头品牌 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The three editions of Pingyao International Photography Festival have opened a window into Shanxi as the festival has increasingly become a distinctive cultural trademark as showcasing not only the intemational modem photographic art but also introducing Shanxi itself. It is an opportunity for the world to steal a glance at the dynamism and latent potential that Shanxi has in its reform and opening-up drive. The third festival, which had the architectural photography forum and photojournalism forum held separately in Mount Wutai and Hukou Waterfall, two famous scenic spots, was a well-intended move to spread the influence of the Pingyao International Photography Festival to other tourist destinations in the province.
  • 漫步平遥赏民居 免费阅读 下载全文
  • There are some 3,800 rectangular courtyards, 387 well preserved, spread out in this small town. These idiosyncratic domestic buildings have more or less retained the slyle of the Ming and Qing dynasties: the outer walls are usually made of grey bricks bound with white lime mortar reaching up to a height of seven or eight yards with no windows but crenellated tops, which gives it an imposing look, iust like a citadel.
  • 平遥人这样“卖”文化 免费阅读 下载全文
  • I hove set my sights more on the ordinary people living under the ancient roof while appreciating the charms of this old city. Wang Ruiping, a female artist well-known for kneading clay figurines; Lei Chengdong, a rickshaw puller; Wang Clingyun, a man selling embroidered shoes; Li Li, a waitress in a restaurant——these common people‘s stories often attract me.
  • 悠远的咏叹 珍贵的捕捉——感叹晋商老照片 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Every viewer at the 2003 Pingyao International Photography Festival could find his or her delight and capture the joy in his or her hearl. Of all the photos on display, those of Shanxi merchants were of the highest appreciating value, the collecting value, and the historical value. It is precisely these yellowish photographs that captured the “instant moment”, which gave the festival an historical dimension that we could not otherwise get.
  • 古城新韵:醇香可口的平遥牛肉 免费阅读 下载全文
  • “Pingyao‘s beef and Taigu‘s pancakes”——thus begins the opening line of the lyric of “In Praise of Local Produce” sung by Guo Lanying, a famous soprano. Thanks to this song, the fame of Pingyao beef has reached far and wide. Always the tender cut, Pingyao beef tastes juicy but not greasy, chewy but not dry, achieving the right balance. Usually wok-braised for over 12 hours, Pingyao beef makes a delighlfully tasty dish rich in nutrition. And along with the photo festival, more and more visitors will get to know Pingyao beef and more and more people will take a liking to it.
  • 剪纸 布艺 面食——摄影展里的农家气息 免费阅读 下载全文
  • In the “Friends of Photographers” room featuring paper-cuts, clothworks and Shanxi‘s noodles, the 88-year-old granny Fan Lanying, sifting cross-legged on a kang, was leisurely working on her piece with her septuagenarian daughter Guo Lan‘e. On the eastern edge of the kang was a small table. Not far from it, Li Xiuying and her daughter-in-law Yang Xiufang were seated, busy paper-cutting. They are all artisans with a three-generation pedigree. At several food stands, quite a few people were sitting around tables, sampling Shanxi‘s noodles.
  • 名家开坛 平遥论道——2003平遥国际摄影大展首次设立4个中国摄影论坛 免费阅读 下载全文
  • During the festival, four forums, namely the architectural forum, photojournalism forum, portrait forum and scenery forum, were opened in order to facilitate the exchanges between Chinese and foreign photography worlds. It was also a good opportunily for amateurs or photography lovers to have a face-to-face interaction with professionals. The launching of these forums, a bright spot of this year‘s festival, has added luster to the Pingyao International Photography Festival and held a creative significance for the history of Chinese photography.
  • 摄影之于平遥 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Photography is lucky thanks to Pingyao and Pingyao becomes famous on account of photography. Photographers have found more of an experience or a frame of mind than the pleasures of exchange and learning. They need peace of mind to appreciate work and patience to exchange minds with others. Many a man comes to Pingyao for the exhibitions and workshops. The art taste itself and art slyle of the festival will not be diluted although more and more tourist and cultural events are added to it.
  • 平遥小天地 摄影大舞台——旁观2003平遥国际摄影大展 免费阅读 下载全文
  • There is a variety of performances and parades in every street and lane in Pingyao during the festival, which surely adds color to the events of the festival, The forums, workshops, bars and tea houses are good venues for people to exchange views. The inhabitants of Pingyao seem to have regarded the festival, now into its third edition, as an increasingly inalienable part of their life, as photography and the festival are slowly, imperceptibly transforming their life.
  • 在瞬间,为历史定格——国际摄影节平遥古城探幽 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The ancient city of Pingyao get familiarized with the world, under the auspices of the festival, which brings Pingyao into the mainstream of the world cultural life but also pushes it to the forefront of history. What we felt viewing each frame of photo is the young Pingyao full of vim and vigor. Pingyao, assuming a new posture, is taking to the stage before the world, like beautiful stage sets decorating the ancient city. And all these will be forever fixed in our eyes and memories.
  • 平遥:广阔与奇特的漫步 免费阅读 下载全文
  • While you were shifting from one exhibition venue to another, meeting photographers of different styles, you might be able to hear different comments and opinions. Some gave accolades to the ancient city, some ohed and ahed about photographs, and still others offered either approving or detracting remarks on the festival. This festival, with more photos of high quality than the last two, particularly the work of foreign photographers, has put our shortcomings into stark relief. As everyone cherishes the wish that the festival will get better and better, the basis for its progress is to hear different voices of the participants in addition to the joint efforts of the organizing committee, curators and exhibitors.
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