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  • 金融危机后的泰国经济 免费阅读 下载全文
  • From the middle of the 1980s to that of the 1990s, Thailand enjoyed an annual economic growth rate of 10%, which was one of the fastest economic growth in the world. However, within six years from 1997 to 2002, it experienced two economic depressions and recoveries. Therefore, this articles tries to analyses the economic background for the declines and recoveries from the domestic, intra - regional and international perspectives, contrasts their characteristics and suggests pehcies and measures for the Thai government.
  • 菲律宾对外经贸政策和制度研究 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Philippines‘ economy began to recover and develop in 1990‘s. Its international ecnomic and trade policies performed by the Philippine government since the late 1980‘ s contributed to its steady development even after experiencing the attack of Asian financial crisis . This paper aims to introduce the main contents of Philippines‘ policies and regulations on internatinal trade, the introduction of capital from foreign investment and exchange control. The paper also presents some information about Philippines‘ participating in international ecnnomic interchange and cooperation. In addition, the paper evaluates the guidelines and the tendency in terms of its international economic and trade policies.
  • 21世纪初越南经济社会发展资源评估 免费阅读 下载全文
  • With a solid foundation of rich resources from both home and abroad at the turn of the 21st century, Vietnam, with the help of its favorable policies, has entered a new developmental period with high speed. The author tries to assess those resources.
  • 越南钢铁工业的现状及前景 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 越南钢铁工业主要由3类企业组成,一是越南钢铁总公司及其直属企业;二是越南钢铁总公司与外商合资的钢厂;三是其他国营和私营钢厂。越南钢铁总公司是越南17家大钢铁总公司之一,有15个直属企业、3个钢铁生产公司、7个合资公司、8个贸易公司,在越南钢铁生产和销售环节中占据重要地位。越南钢
  • 老挝外援简析——老挝经济探析之二 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 20世纪50~60年代,老挝王国政府主要依靠西方援助。据1992年11月版《当代老挝》等资料载:美国,1995~1960年援助2.519亿美元,年均5000万美元;法国,1955~1959年援助750万美元,年均150万美元;日本,1958年援助280万美元;英国,1960年援助15.6万英镑。70年代,中国成为最大援助国,累计金额达95560万
  • 香港在中国—东盟经济合作中的金融地位研究 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Though it has experienced lower economic growth rate recently, Hong Kong, a financial center in Asia, will meet a rare chance to develop its economy thanks to the impetus of the development process by China - ASEAN economic cooperation. The paper analyses Hong Kong‘s current situation and the challenge it meets as a status of international financial center. Then this paper further elaborates the advantages and its role it plays in China - ASEAN Free Trade Area so as to advance countermeasures to perfect Hong Kong and to maintain and strengthen its status of the international financial center.
  • 宋朝与占城经贸关系探索 免费阅读 下载全文
  • During the period of Northern and Southern Song Dynasties, economic relations between China and Champa Kingdom experienced a rapid development on the basis of proceeding dynasties, depending on the further enhancement of Sino-foreign relations and the unprecedented flourishing of marine trades. On the basis of consulting as many as possible historical materials, through the analysis of the government contribution and market trade, this thesis focuses on the comprehensive examination of the bilateral economic and commercial relations between the two countries and proceeds to a preliminary study of some closely related issues.
  • 外国在印度市场上直接投资的现状分析及对中国的启示 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Recently, India, as a wodd newly emerging market, has drawn a large amount of FDI from abroad. The sources of investment are diversified and the multi - international corporations have become the main forces of its investment. Locations and regional advantages are the focus of their choices. The investment is mostly put into industries of market - orientation and least of the infrastructure. From this article, China can learn a lot from India. China should choose the proper industries for foreign investment and adopt the model of putting the investment on foreign - trade - orientation industries. China should also take great measures to strengthen mutual cooperation to draw more foreign investment on industries of processing and assembling, to develop more contract projects, to encourage small and middle - typed enterprises to join with foreign investment and to take precautious measures to prevent investment risks.
  • 东南亚国际关系2003年回顾与2004年展望 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The general character of international relationship of Southeast Asia in 2003 is that ASEAN continuing to deal with the big powers, meanwhile, ASEAN also make good use of contradiction and dispute among the big powers and develop the positive and predominance function in native area affairs. China, USA, Japan, and India are all make the greatest efforts to develop the relationship with ASEAN, China may get the highest score, and the United States is too unwilling to fall behind, Japan tries the situation of the passivity of changes, India in the positive push “face to east“ policy. In 2003, the internal relation of the ASEAN appeared some unexpected obstacles, for repairing the split, the relevant nations have made many efforts.
  • 2003年东南亚地区军事形势分析 免费阅读 下载全文
  • This article analyses the military situation of Southeast Asian Region in 2003 from the following five aspects, which are antiterrorist situation and cooperation, military modernization, joint military maneuver, the military, presence of the Utilted States and the unseen troubles among the states of the Region. It also makes an outlook of the military situation there in 2004.
  • 印尼:政局和经济好转 免费阅读 下载全文
  • After years of political disturbances, the deteriorating economy and social chaos in Indonesia, 2003 wimessed the gradual stability of political situation, recovery of economy beginning to win initial success, gradual improvement of public security and successes of fighting against separatists and terrorism. In 2004, which is a critical one for the country, Indonesia will hold its parliamentary and presidential elections. It is expected that politics and economy will change for the better in the year.
  • 2003’越南断想 免费阅读 下载全文
  • In 2003, Vietnam enjoyed its social and political stability, a fast growing economy, and the loud applause from the international community for its success in controlling SARS. Meanwhile, it quickened its pace in entering wodd economy and made new progress in its foreign relations. In spite of certain problems and challenges in its stability and development, on the whole, 2003 was a year of both internal and external success.
  • 老挝2003年形势与2004年展望 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 2003年,老挝政治社会形势相对稳定;经济低速增长但低于预期目标,经济领域存在的突出问题及困难仍较多;对外继续奉行“和平、合作、友谊”的外交路线,争取国际经济援助与合作取得一定成效。
  • 2003年的缅甸:内忧外患 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 2003年的缅甸可谓是内忧外患。在国内,政治斗争跌宕起伏,经济濒临困境,社会动荡,军政府疲于应付。在国际上,缅甸军政府面临着前所未有的巨大压力,以美国为首的西方国家对缅甸实施了更为严厉的制裁。缅甸军政府为此采取了一系列的应对措施,基本保持了缅甸局势的稳定,但前景堪忧。
  • 中国与东帝汶关系的历史、现状及前景 免费阅读 下载全文
  • China and East Timor, though, a great distance away from each other, shared many centuries of communication between their peoples. When East Timor fought for independence, China played a very positive role and after East Timor won independence, their relationship has developed in many fields and levels. This friendly relationship is in agreements with the fundamental interests of the two countries. Therefore, they should foster it so that it can be hilly strengthened and last long.
  • 论黎莫战争与莫朝的灭亡 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 莫朝是推翻黎朝统治后而在越南建立的一个封建王朝,莫朝与黎朝的战争实指打着恢复黎朝旗号的阮氏与郑氏封建集团同莫朝之间的战争,历时60余年,莫朝最终灭亡。黎莫之间的战争实际上是以后越南200多年南北纷争的序幕,但莫朝作为一个一度统一越南并在越南历史上颇有建树的一个王朝,很快走向灭亡,其原因值得
  • 驻韩美军基地调整的多维影响 免费阅读 下载全文
  • On the occasion when the debate over the issue of North Korean Nuclear Crisis turns white hot, the United States plans to readjust the deployment of its garrison bases in South Korea. This readjustment, which will be enforced within two phases, has a far - reaching strategic motivation. After the deployment, the American army there will be more powerful and will have the capability to respond more quickly. The sensitivity of its tasks and effects will evidently draw the attention of the northeast countries concerned.
  • 毛泽东的忧患意识和大跃进 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The contradiction between the psychological needs and the desires to meet those needs is the cause of the awareness of sufferings in time of sufficiency. After the founding of New China, Mao Zedong was psychologically pressed by the objective environment and greatly depressed. His obligation, his sense of historical mission and his awareness of concerns based on the distance between reality, and desires are closely linked to his waging the campaign of the Great Leap Forward.
  • 东南亚大事记 免费阅读 下载全文
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