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  • 踏访拜林会农谢 免费阅读 下载全文
  • After visiting Pailin and having an interview with Nuon Chea, the author reports the real situation of Pailin and the existing major leaders of the Kmer Rouge and the public attitudes towards their trials.
  • 小国大外交——新加坡大国平衡战略的形成与演变 免费阅读 下载全文
  • With an accurate judgment and understanding of the world and Southeast Asian situations and combining the foreign policies of “neutrality and non - ally” with Singapore‘s national condition, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the first Primer Minster of Singapore, developed“the balance of power” strategy. With that as a guideline, Singapore has been trying to keep the good relations with world powers to obtain their assistance and support in economy and politics and relying mainly on the power of America and Japan to keep the balance of powers in Singapore and Southeast Asia, thus succeeding in maintaining the national security and independence and gaining the steady and fast economic growth.
  • 泰国2004年的旅游业发展 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The article presents a brief survey of Thailand‘ s tourist development in 2004 and analyzes the main factors for the impetus of its development.
  • 外部动力与当代越南的经济社会发展——读《当代越南经济社会发展研究》的感与思 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The author, from the angle of external motive force, tries to elaborate “Vietnam‘s Modem Social and Economic Development”, thus providing reference for the studies of Vietnam‘s modem economy and society.
  • 书讯 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 东南亚大事记(2004.12.1~31) 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 1~5日,应缅甸三军总参谋长瑞曼上将的邀请,中国人民解放军副总参谋长葛振峰上将率领的中国边防代表团于1日开始对缅甸进行为期5天的访问。葛振峰和瑞曼1日就两军关系和边防事务联系机制举行了会晤。缅甸国家和平与发展委员会副主席兼三军副总司令貌埃副大将2日会见了葛振峰上将一行。葛振峰上将和缅甸三军总参谋长瑞曼上将5日分别代表两国国防部签署了《中缅两军关于建立边防会谈会晤联系和处理边境事务的谅解备忘录》。
  • 老挝的民俗旅游 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The paper tries to elaborate the present situation and the problems it faces of the Laotian traditional culture of folk customs and its tourism in this field, which, the paper states, is a tourist program to be developed.
  • 老挝人的“那珈”信仰研究(一) 免费阅读 下载全文
  • The Chinese people generally believe in the totem of dragon whereas the Lao people always take “Naga” - a kind of dragon -like mystery, as their icon. In the Lao society, “Naga” can be found everywhere, even in their mind. It deeply influences the national mentality and their behaviors and constitutes a special kind of traditional Lao culture, which combines their religions and customs. 3““““his paper elaborates and discusses the origin, development and symbolization of “Naga” and also expounds the characteristics and essence of this belief to clarify our understanding about their traditional culture.
  • 老挝民歌民谣概述 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Laotian folk songs and ballads are one of the important components of its folk literature. It is characterized by its variety, richness in content and its closed relationship with life and production. Those songs and ballads with unique tunes and rhythms accompanied by dances are poems orally composed by the collective effort of its people and is distinctively embodied by its ethnic identity.
  • 我国第三代领导人与柬埔寨 免费阅读 下载全文
  • 1989年6月,江泽民同志在中共中央召开的第十三次全国代表大会上当选为中共中央总书记,形成了以他为核心的我国第三代领导人。按照我国第二代领导人邓小平所说的主持正义、反对霸权、政治解决柬埔寨问题的理论,江泽民总书记努力推动柬埔寨恢复和平,促成5个常任理事国就政治解决柬埔寨问题达成框架文件。
  • 21世纪初的中越关系:走向务实 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Big forces and the desires of both their people have propelled friendly relations between China and Vietnam.The positive factors in this relationship outweigh the existing problems. “Both sides believe that friendly Sino - Vietnamese relations are the shared prosperity of both parties, states and peoples. In the new century, the continued strengthening of comprehensive and friendly co - operation between the parties and the states not only serves the basic interests of the two parties, two countries and their citizens but also benefits peace, stability, co - operation and development in this region and the world”. What is important is for beth sides continuously to increase mutual trust, to abide by the “Declaration of the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea” when dealing with the question of the Spratlys and to maintain the growth rate in economic exchanges and cooperation. In this way, Sino - Vietnamese relations in the 21st century will move towards mutual benefits, friendly neighborliness,intensified co - operation and co - development.
  • 北部湾边界:海域划界的成功实践 免费阅读 下载全文
  • After great efforts, China and Vietnam finally signed the two documents of “Agreements on the Border Division of the Tonkin Bay Territorial Sea, Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf” and “Agreement on the Fishery Cooperation in the Tonkin Bay”. Both agreements came into effect on June 30, 2004. As a result, the problem that hindered the relations between the two countries was finally solved. It is a successful practice of dividing the sea areas through negotiation, thus playing a very significant role in promoting the developmem of the friendly neighboring relations and the comprehensive cooperation, solving the problem of border division in sea areas with neighboring countries and establishing the new order of developing the ocean and maintain regional peace and stability.
  • 21世纪初的越美关系研究 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Due to the demand of the economic development and national security , the relationship between Vietnam and USA steps into a newly - developed era at the beginning of the 21st century . Pushed by the frequent top - level mutual visits, the two nations‘ political , economic, military exchanges are greatly strengthened , so amity and cooperation becoming the mainstream of the two nations. But a legacy of “Vietnam War”, the conflict of ideologies and diplomatic discrepancy limit the further development to some extent. On the basis of recent mutual visits, the thesis analyses the positive and negative factors in order to show the true picture of the development between Vietnam and USA.
  • 东南亚反恐难点和走向及云南国际大通道建设的对策 免费阅读 下载全文
  • In recent years, with the support and influence of international terrorism, terrorism and its activities it.Southeast Asia are becoming active. Constant terrorist attacks threat the safety, stability and development of this region greatly. In face of terrorist threats, governments in Southeast Asia are realizing the importance of counter - terrorism in a cooperative manner.
  • 中、日、韩与东盟区域性统一证券市场构建 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Based on the exploration of the real necessity of the regional cooperation in stock market, the article elaborates China‘s future trend of the globalization in this field and argues that while the international coordination should be intensified in stock supervision, regional financial cooperation should be strengthened and the regional globalization of the market should be developed, thus estabhshing a regional unified stock market within the area of China, Korea , Japan and ASEAN so as to deepen the disposition and raise the efficiency of the resources.
  • 论中印缅孟地区经济合作的发展与和平共处五项原则 免费阅读 下载全文
  • In recent years, with the support and influence of international terrorism, terrorism and its activities in Southeast Asia are becoming active. Constant terrorist attacks greatly threaten the safety, stability and development of this region.In face of terrorist threats, governments in Southeast Asia are realizing the importance of counter - terrorism in a cooperative manner.
  • 五岭界说及其文化象征意义 免费阅读 下载全文
  • Having collected extensive materials, the author makes careful textual criticism on the definition of Wuling and concludes that in history Wuling is not only a protective screen but also a symbolic meaning of the cultural barrier.
  • 印度选举制度初探 免费阅读 下载全文
  • India is a constitutional democracy with a parliamentary system of government, in the heart of which is an electoral system. Regular, free and fair elections of this electoral system determine the composition of the government, the membership of the two houses of parliament, the state and union territory of legislative assemblies, and the presidency and vicepresidency. Meanwhile, operation of this electoral system involves tremendous political mobilization and organizational complexity on an amazing scale. India is a country with numerous internal and external elements and that may cause upheavals. However,this electoral system plays a vital role in maintaining its stability and continuous development.
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