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  • 要是跟狗一起睡,就会招上一身跳蚤。
  • 比较:近朱者赤,近墨者黑。如果同声名狼藉的人有来往,就会不可避免地因此而受到损害。这句谚语可追溯到J.桑福德(J.Sanford)的《欢乐花园》(Garden of Pleasure,1573)。
  • Sense and Nonsense
  • "The most important thing is not to win, but to take part and that doesn't just mean sitting and watching, it means getting up and getting active as well." ——美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将带队参加于7月27日开幕的伦敦奥运会。这位看起来体魄强健的第一夫人可谓是尽职尽责.在公众面前更是表现得活力无限。
  • 吃水果蔬菜让你更漂亮
  • You know eating fruit and vegetables is good. But did you know it can also make you look good?
  • 法国官方取消“小姐”称谓
  • Official French documents will no longer force women to reveal their marital status by requiring them to choose the title Mademoiselle or Madame.
  • 最长待机15年手机问世
  • The SpareOne mobile phone is absolutely unique--running on one AA battery, it keeps its charge1 for up to 15 years.
  • 以色列:模特过瘦禁止做广告
  • Anew Israeli law bans showing overly thin models from local advertising in an attempt to fight the spread of eating disorders1. It also requires publications to disclose when they use altered images of models to make the women and men appear even thinner than they really are.2
  • 选秀奇葩:一夜成名的背后
  • 人们总喜欢听这样的故事,相貌平常的家伙却身怀绝技,当时间终于来临,青蛙变成王子,灰姑娘变成白雪公主。
  • 日本地震一周年:毁灭与重生
  • 一年前的2011年3月11日14时46分,日本东北部海域发生里氏9.0级地震,引发史无前例的三重灾难:地震、海啸、核泄漏,造成将近二十万人死亡或失踪,民众流离失所,经济损失巨大。一年后,我们反思并再述灾难的恐怖与重拾家园的奋起进程,从中领悟人与自然的关系及日本人民承受变故、积极面对生活的韧性。
  • 学得好,嫁得好
  • Today women earn almost 60 percent of all bachelor's degrees and more than half of master's and Ph.D.'s.2 Many people believe that, while this may be good for women as income earners, it bodes ill for their marital prospects.3
  • 平板电脑时代:静心阅读非易事
  • Can you concentrate on Flaubert when Facebook is only a swipe away, or give your true devotion to Mr. Darcy while Twitter beckons?2
  • 实录1789:乔治·华盛顿宣誓就职
  • 乔治·华盛顿被尊为“美国国父”,是美国历史上最伟大的人物之一。在得知自己当选为第一任美国总统后,你知道他作何感想吗?当他从自己的家乡启程出发,前往纽约时,他又是怀着何种心情?他抵达目的地后,受到了怎样的欢迎?在旁观者眼中,华盛顿在他的就职仪式中表现如何?我们且来同华盛顿本人及其他亲历者体验“宣誓就职”这一颇具历史意义的伟大时刻吧!
  • 与素坦尼克号擦肩而过的七位名人
  • The sinking of the Titanic claimed some 1,500 lives, among them a gallery of early 20th-century A-list celebrities.1 Captains of industry John Jacob Astor IV and Benjamin Guggenheim both went down with the ship, as did Macy's co-owner Isidor Straus and his wife, Ida, who refused to leave his side.2
  • 悦读人生
  • 幼年时,书籍是我的好朋友。然而,随着年龄的增长,我对阅读的热情渐渐消退了。直到有一天,加入朋友的读书俱乐部,我又重新发现了阅读的魅力,开始了我的悦读人生……
  • 黑色郁金香
  • 黑色郁金香是他精心栽培的稀有品种,即便在花茎都要当食物来果腹的极度匮乏时期,也依然珍存着它们。后来他曾一度伤心至极,以为四处劫掠的德国士兵偷走了它们……而某天,在房屋残垣断壁的缝隙中,他发现了黑色郁金香的嫩芽。
  • 没什么大不了
  • I don't count. That is, I don't count stuff. I used to count stuff a lot: the number of French fries I stole off my husband's plate at any given dinner and the amount of time I'd need to spend on the treadmill to make up for it the next day;
  • 我记忆中的老爸
  • 父亲是个极平凡的人,他喜欢密尔沃基啤酒和雪茄,经常会做一些引得我们发笑的事情,这许多生活中的温情时刻,每每想起便会令我感到温暖。
  • 难得闲暇(节选)
  • 我既没有谁要去拜访,也没有远道而来的客人需要招待,更没有女士花上几小时来给我讲述几分钟就可能说清楚的事儿,但我还是总感觉不得不在时间上精打细算,并充分利用每一个短暂的时机。
  • 一枚半英镑金币
  • 一个流浪汉脚下的一枚半英镑金币,让两个老朋友多年的交情几度陷入危机,而最后这枚小金币又将落入谁手?请看下面的故事——
  • 奇迹
  • 美国作家E.B.怀特(1899—1985)写过三部儿童作品:《精灵鼠小弟》(Stuart Little,1945),《夏洛的网》(Charlotte's Web,1952)和《吹小号的天鹅》(The Trumpet of the Swan,1973)。其中《夏洛的网》最受欢迎,半个多世纪以来,在所有的排行榜上都位居前列,成为经典儿童文学作品,也是美国许多小学的英文课本。
  • 安妮·哈瑟维
  • 我们相爱的那张床是一个旋转的世界, 里边有森林、城堡、火把、山峰、海洋, 我们在海底寻觅珍珠。我的爱人啊,
  • 《铁娘子》与当代英国
  • 玛格丽特·撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)是英国乃至整个西方国家历史上第一位女首相,也是20世纪任职时间最长的英国首相,英国人对她的执政理念和政绩基本上是毁誉参半。
  • 美国总统爱打猎
  • Fewer than 6 percent of Americans are hunters. But we love to put them in the White House. Actually, Eisenhower, Johnson, Carter, Bushes father and sonl--half the presidents of the last 50 years have been avid hunters.
  • 势利者和非精英阶层
  • I've met plenty of people in my life, but have been lucky enough to avoid extended interactions1 with unpleasant people. And I suppose that those interactions were brief for a reason: who wants to be around the unfriendly? Of course, living in a big city in China,
  • 英式幽默与美式幽默:差异何在?
  • Humour is a phenomenon which is influenced by culture. It can be difficult to determine what aspects define a certain sense of humour. A nation's wit is linked to the historical development of the country. How funny somebody finds a certain incident depends on many factors including age, personal experience,
  • 如何与小女孩儿谈话
  • I went to a dinner party at a friend's home last weekend, and met her five-year-old daughter for the first time.
  • 注意力的质量
  • 【1】人们接收外部的信息,靠的是注意力;而注意力是有质量的——这决定了对所接收信息的处理、储存及提取的质量。
  • 怀念那些闪耀的东西
  • 《约翰福音》中说,“太初有言,言与神同在,言就是神”(In the beginning, there was the word. The word was with God, and the word was God)。古时的人们认为语言是有魔力的——语言可以杀人,也可以让人活命。语言可以不经斧凿便深深刻在石板上和听者的心中(如摩西在西奈山上所受“十诫”)。
  • 脸的故事之三:石化了的颊和固化了的颜
  • 与意义和用法多变的面不同,颊的基本意义和用法两千多年来没有什么变化,可以说已经石化了(fossilized)。
  • 短文两则
  • “原则上”和“原则下” 针对人们关心的“三公”(officials' overseas travel, business meals, and use of cars on public expenses)中的公车问题,有关部门不久前又出台了一个规定:“党政机关原则上不配备越野车(cross—country vehicle).确因地理环境和工作性质特殊的.
  • 要是跟狗一起睡,就会招上一身跳蚤。
    Sense and Nonsense

    选秀奇葩:一夜成名的背后(Belinda Luscombe 丁玎[选注])
    日本地震一周年:毁灭与重生(Juliana Chan 经纬[选注])
    学得好,嫁得好(Stephanie Coontz 赵子涵[选注] 秋叶[评])
    平板电脑时代:静心阅读非易事(Julie Bosman Matt Richtel 王凯蒂[选注])
    实录1789:乔治·华盛顿宣誓就职(Kevin Hoston 左云慧[选注])
    与素坦尼克号擦肩而过的七位名人(Greg Daugherty 陈锦麟[选注])
    悦读人生(Christine Biggs 乐枫[选注])
    黑色郁金香(Carin Klabbers-Ouwens 钟嘉尔[选注])
    没什么大不了(Helen Schulman 凝墨[选注])
    我记忆中的老爸(Susan Nuernberg 凝墨[选注])
    难得闲暇(节选)(William Cowper 禾沐[译])
    一枚半英镑金币(Arnold Bennett 陈佳[选注])
    奇迹(Elwyn Brooks White 蒋素华[选注])
    安妮·哈瑟维(Carol Ann Duffy 张剑[译析])

    美国总统爱打猎(Don Sapatkin 段隐隐[选注])
    势利者和非精英阶层(Sophie Zhang[1] 张麦可[注][2])
    英式幽默与美式幽默:差异何在?(Emma Gervais 敖冰嫣[选注])
    如何与小女孩儿谈话(Lisa Bloom 乐枫[选注])

    怀念那些闪耀的东西(张颖 王伟滨)
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