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  • A nine-year-old boy kept asking his mother:“Is God man of woman?“
  • go的名词用法小议 下载全文
  • 在英语中go一般用作动词,但在初中英语课本中已出现了go作名词的用法。这里将go的的名词用法总结如下:
  • 一组关于鸟的短语 下载全文
  • 1. a bird in thehand有把握的事;已得到的东西2 a bird in thebush 没有把握的事;不现实的利益3.Kill two birds withone stone. 一箭双雕;一举两得4.birds of a feather性格相同的人;一丘之貉
  • 双宾语和复合宾语及其区别方法 下载全文
  • 一、双宾语在英语中,有些及物动词后可以有两个宾语,一个指人,另一个指物,指人的叫间接宾语,指物的叫直接宾语,二者合称为双宾语,其句型为:主语+及物动词+间接宾语+直接宾语。例如:
  • 初三英语Units4-6 重点难点解析 下载全文
  • 1.I hope to see him as soon as possible.(Lesson 13)我希望能尽快见到他。as…as possible意为“尽可能……”,as…as之间用形容词或副词的原形,相当于as…assb. can/could。类似的词组有:as early aspossible(尽可能早地),as many as possible(尽可能多地),as fast/quickly as possible(尽可能快地)。例如:
  • The Right Way to Work 下载全文
  • _;卿e,吻。”。枷e、一馨做一件事。__…一,一畏 2.Th已由丫IS:动。此and切称wo尸1< 1510双g,日子短而工作长。 3. Tlle陀a厂e切厂eehUa刃dsiX亡丫如d郎Jd祝d已Ve尸仔has肪扭as扼尸,三百六十行,出状元。Ch goodjV幼j刀915版,川件美好的事情开始jl7匆u刀isha厅dO补乳另乙功了一半。The Right Way to [email protected]
  • 初三英语Units4-6 重点句型讲解 下载全文
  • 句型1:Could I speak to…? 例句:Could I speak to Mr.Song Jia,the headmaster,please?请校长宋佳先生接电话好吗?(L13)
  • 宾语从句要点归纳与精练 下载全文
  • 宾语从句是初三英语的一个重要语法项目,也是各地中考的必测内容之一,因此透彻理解和全面掌握宾语从句的用法是十分必要的。本文就其主要知识要点逐一归纳,供同学们学习时参考。
  • 宾语从句与主句的时态一致 下载全文
  • 宾语从句充当主句谓语动词的宾语,主句的谓语动词对从句的谓语动词有制约作用,也就是说宾语从句的谓语动词在时态上要与主句的谓语动词保持一致。
  • Rambling Richard 下载全文
  • Once upon a time there Was a man who was called Rambling Richard.He was called that because he liked to gofrom town to town.He walked and walked overthe earth.
  • 华中师大一附中2003年理科实验班招生文科综合试卷英语试题 下载全文
  • 一,、~.·护、、1 .A.eare B.fear C.anger D.event2 .A.1055 B.death C.aeeident D.vietim3 .A.on B.for C.with D.oPposite4 .A.ehanee B.birth C.train D.way5 .A.fioor B.home C.door D.house6 .A.seemed B.happened C.pressed D.spoilt7 .A.knew about B.le翻ed about C .heard from D.turned from8 .A.however B.50 C.yet D.still9.A.when B.before C.until D.u记ess10.A.returned B.tumedbaek C .a币ved D.即t home1 1.A.steal B.base C.earth D.level12.A.eolllleetedB.built C.left D.stood13.A.st叮B.diseuss C.eat D.pl叮14.A.that B.whatC,why D.whieh15...
  • 华中师大一附中2003年高中招生文科综合试卷英语试题 下载全文
  • L..万1.肠厂心1.听力测试(略)n.完形填空(共20小题;每小题15分,满分30分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项A、B、C、D中选出能填入相应空白处的最佳选项。 Madame肠isel eagerly tore open the。。elore(信封),took out a pieee of hea叮pa卿,’and read the 21:“The Minister andlMadame Georges Ram即nneau beg Monsieur and》.Madame肠isel to spend the一卫全一at the.Minist叮on Monday,the eighteenth of Janua叮.” Instead of being pleased,shees一鱼l一thei二it以沁n(请贴)down on the table and said,“Well,what do youes一卫竺一me to do withthat?” “W卜y,my dear,1 thought you would behappy!”said her husband.“You一丝一一90 out,...
  • 首字母填词专练 下载全文
  • Nine一year一old Louis Pasteurr一一—to the litde house,his faee white.(1)i。nworked(9)forgotten his伍end Henri.50 heOnand on,ashmany dangerousefinally found the(10)二ever. “Mother!”he eried“A mad dog has bi卜ten卿伍end Henri,and now they are buminghim初th red一hot irons,It’st二一一—(2).” “Rabies(狂犬病),Louis.Buming the bites15 the only hoPe of stoPPing Henri frome_(3)the disease·” Henri did get rabies扭d died,in greatP_(4),some days later.Louis Pasteur neverfo笔or.“One day,”he thought,“1 would liketodos一一一一(5)to help peoPle li...
  • 初三英语Units4-6综合训练题 下载全文
  • 丈、麟惫和首字母兹l‘Eve叮one 15 at sehoole写出单词。 CuiW23.He 15 watehing the the window on the.He 15 readinga叭beautifulstrain.enhua.outof{in the reading{r0o】】1.4.肠st Pyear 1 went to Mount Changhai in Jilinwith my family,{5 .Wllieh or by6.Wistran1OreCin?it’5 at nighttraveling场bu。or by day,you ean{1 .This matter 15_youand me,don’t tell others. A .in B.at C.between D.among2·Keep_the ball,and you’11 be OK. A .pass B.Passing C .to Pass D.passed3.一What their football team like? 一oh,they were alt ve叮big and strorlg, but they w...
  • Jokes and Humour 下载全文
  • A father was trying to teach his young sonthe evils of alcohol. He put one worm in a glass of water andanother worm in a glass of whiskey.The wromin the water lived,while the one in the whiskeycurled up and died.
  • 祝你生日快乐歌的起源 下载全文
  • The story of how the song“Happy Birth-day to You”came to be, began as a sweetone,that later soured.Two sisters, MildredHill, a teacher at the Louisville, KentuckyExperimental Kindergarten,and Dr.Patty Hill,the principal of the same school,togetherwrote a song for the children, entitled“GoodMorning to All.”When Mildred combined hermusical talents,as the resident expert on spir-itual songs,and as the organist for her church,with her sister’s expertise in the area ofKindergarten Education, “Good Morning to...
  • 娱乐与运动 下载全文
  • “All work andno play makesJack a dull boy”is a popular say-ing in the UnitedStates.Other
  • 初三英语Units4-6 常见错误例析 下载全文
  • 1.你必须尽快把书还到图书馆。[误]You must return the book to the library as quickly as possible.[正]You must return the book to the library as soon as possible.[析]as quickly as possible与as soon as possible都可表“尽快”地,但前者是指做事的速度快,可以用as fast as possible来替换;而后者则指做事的时间尽可能早。
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