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  • Local architecture 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Local architecture refers to structures built in the countryside,such as temples,memorial halls,residences, stores,pavilions, bridges,decorated archways, and wells. Because these structures were all built by focal craftsmen and villagers in the traditional local style, they are generally called local architecture.
  • Mining safety 免费阅读 收费下载
  • About 70 kilometres north of the ancient Chinese capital Xi‘an lies a coal belt underneath the rolling mountains. Criss-crossed by a honeycomb of tunnels, the belt has helped fuel China‘s economic engine for many years and filled the coffers of Tongchuan, known as one of the country‘s ‘coal cities‘. Covering the northern valley of the Weihe River, the largest tributary of the Yellow River, the Weibei coal belt recently achieved national attention not for the quality of its coal,
  • Chinese digital video: From underground art form to awards and acceptance 免费阅读 收费下载
  • It‘s a little strange to see Chinese digital video (DV) directors wearing suits and ties, speaking into microphones at city-sponsored get-togethers and receiving awards in competitions that are being held around the country in this new art form.
  • Mail or Phone? 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Many marketing executives did a double-take when Chanel in April tested a marketing medium previously shunned by most premium brands: permission email. Shanghai-based marketing firm 21 Communications created the opt-in email campaign to draw customers to Chanel‘s new skin care product, Precision. The company emailed e-coupons to 120,000 young women earning more than 3,000 yuan(US$363)/month in five cities across China.
  • Maxim's secret of success-theLingnan spirit 免费阅读 收费下载
  • It is a rare for anyone in Hong Kong not to have patronised Maxim‘s cake shops, fast food outlets or restaurants.Maxim‘s has been operating in Hong Kong for 48 years now. It has a broad scope of business, including Chinese food, Western food, fast food, cakes and pastries, Japanese food, coffee shops, as well as catering for both companies and airlines.
  • A northern animal kingdom 免费阅读 收费下载
  • I began photographing wild animals at Baiquan in 2002,what is really propelling me to go back time and time again,though,is the unforgettable experience of tracking down and getting shots of red foxes and shika.
  • The Elapsing Backstreets in Chongqing 免费阅读 收费下载
  • The backstreets are those old narrow lanes, never considered as arterial roads, hidden behind high buildings and large mansions. With the veiling effects of surrounding mountains, the unique landform of Chonqging results in many backstreets. In general, these backstreets have all witnessed certain periods of the history;, most of the old houses on both sides of the lanes have stood there for over 50 years, if not longer.
  • Destination:Hong Kong 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Ioften hear people say that two days are more than enough to visit Hong Kong and that it‘s nothing but a place to do some shopping. That‘s why, when I travelled to southern China last January,my plan was to stay in Hong Kong for only two days. In the end, however, I had five days on this amazing and dazzling island. With a mix of Western and Asian elements, visitors soon realise how contradictory and fascinating the city is.
  • Journey to Ulan Bator - a train ride across the Gobi Desert 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Aland-locked state three times the size of France bordered by Rus sia to the north and China to the south, Mongolia is far away from moderating maritime influences. After a short,pleasant summer, when the temperature can go up to 30 degrees, the long winter can produce January temperatures below-40 in the capital Ulan Bator. This is much colder than would be expected for a latitude of 47 degrees North. A major factor in this is the wind which, when it blows from the north, can quickly lower temperatures.
  • Mountain people carrying guns 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Although Chen Chunyu, the head of our tour group had told us to, get ready by eight o‘clock, Xiu Xiu and I woke up as early as six; we both felt so excited.
  • The Attractions of China's “Tin City” 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Early one January morning I sat in a modern Daewoo coach of Yunnan Express as it pulled out of Kunming‘s Long Distance Bus Station. I was heading to the warmth of southern Yunnan, to Gejiu, capital of Honghe Prefecture.
  • Beijing's Winter Wonderland 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Honestly, aren‘t you sometimes getting just a little fed up with the noise and the grime of the city? So why not do something about your frustrations and head out to the Fragrant Hills? The place is well-known for its breath-taking views in autumn, when the leaves of the sumac trees change from a dusty green to brilliant gold and red, and the capital‘s citizens arrive in their thousands. In summer, walking in the shade of those trees is a welcome respite from the heat of the city, a popular place to cool down and chill out.
  • Enraptured by music 免费阅读 收费下载
  • Dervish lives up to its promises on concert billings: “Dervish concert performances are a myriad of tones and moods ranging from high energy tunes… to beautifully measured songs… to inspiring melodies that lift audiences from their seats.” And when the Irish traditional music group made a return visit to China in January, they raised plenty of Chinese concertgoers to their feet. The band flew to Beijing with Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern. Asked to accompany the Taoiseach (Irish for ‘Chief Leader‘) and his delegation on a weeklong state visit to China, the band performed in Beijing and Shanghai to halls of invited dignitaries and business leaders.
  • Thirty Unforgettable Chinese Films 免费阅读 收费下载
  • The film portrays in a realistic mode to the life some ordinary people living at the bottom of society including prostitutes, singing girls, trumpeter,newspaper pedlars, barbers and news-stand owners, depicting their bitter life and miserable fate. It shows profound humanistic solicitude.
  • 鱼头豆腐汤 免费阅读 免费下载
  • 1/2 head of mud carp,75 grams soy sauce,15 grams soy bean paste,1 piece tender beancurd,50 grams mushrooms,30 grams bamboo shoots,25 grams garlic cloves,200 grams lard(olive oil for those who prefer),3 grams salt,
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