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  • Physical and mental health conditions of young college studentswith different Traditional Chinese Medicine constitutions in Zheji-ang Province of China 相关:Mental health Physical
  • OBJECTIVE: To investigate Traditional ChineseMedicine (TCM) constitutions of youths in colleges,and their physical and mental health conditions ofdifferent TCM constitutions, so as to provide a theo-retical basis for theTCM way to improve young peo-ple's physical and mental health.METHODS: The Standard TCM Constitutions' Classi-fication and Determination Questionnaire wasused to measure the body health condition, andthe Symptom Checklist 90 Questionnaire and theQuestionnaire of the National Student PhysicalHealth Standards were used to determine mentaland physical health conditions respectively in 1421young participants validly answering the question-naires in Zhejiang Province.
  • 初探TPR在二语习得教学中的应用 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:一语习得 二语习得 TOTAL
  • 语言学家指出人们在语言习得方面受到天生的因素,输入的途径和模仿的效果的影响,基因和遗传决定孩子在语言发展能力上的差别,Chomsky认为儿童有天生具备的学习语言的能力。因此,全世界所有的儿童,即使使用不同的语言,生长在不同的文化中,都大致在同样的年龄段习得他们的母语。
  • 先验知识在压缩感知求解电磁场问题中的应用 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:物理光学法 (PO )
  • 快速求解三维目标宽角度电磁散射问题一直都是计算电磁学中的一个难点问题。前期研究表明:在传统矩量法中引入压缩感技术后可仅通过数次观测还原出全部入射角度下的电流,从而有效减少计算量。为获取应用压缩感知时所需的观测次数并讨论合适的稀疏变换选择,本文提出一种基于物理光学法的先验技术。该技术可对宽角度下电流系数的投影稀疏度及相应的观测次数进行预估,为利用压缩感知求解宽角度问题的快速算法特别是稀疏转换基的选择提供了先验知识,在实际计算前确定了相关参数,从而为该快速算法应用于工程实践奠定了良好基础。
  • British Journal of General Practice 2016年6月目次选登 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:PHYSICAL 身体健康 注射毒品
  • Giving voice to the voiceless:how to involve vulnerable migrants in healthcare research给没有发言权的人们以发言权:如何在医疗研究中囊括弱势的移民群体The physical health of people who inject drugs:complexities,challenges,and continuity注射毒品人们身体健康的复杂性、挑战性和连续性。
  • Stability analysis of large-scale stope using stage subsequent fillingmining method in Sijiaying iron mine 相关:STAGE subsequent filling
  • To improve mining production capacity, a stage subsequent filling mining (SSFM) method is employedfor Sijiaying iron mine. The height of the stage stope is approximately 100 m. As there are farmlands andvillages on the surface of the mine, the surface deformation should be controlled when the ore is minedout for the purpose of stope stability and minimizing surface subsidence. In this paper, according to thesite-specific geological conditions, the self-stability of the stage-filling body was analyzed, and the failuremechanism of backfilling body was defined. Thus the relationship between the exposed height of fillingbody and the required strength was obtained. Next, the stability of backfilling body and the characteristicsof surface subsidence due to mining of 450 m level were analyzed using physical modeling.Finally, a three-dimensional numerical model was established using FLAC3D, with which the surfacesubsidence and the stability of stope were achieved. The results show that the stope basically remainsstable during the two-step recovery process. The maximum magnitude of the incline is 10.99 mm/m, alittle larger than the permissible value of 10 mm/m, and the horizontal deformation is 5.9 mm/m,approaching the critical value of 6.0 mm/m, suggesting that the mine design is feasible for safety mining. 2015 Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Production and hosting byElsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
  • 论“Physical Education”的第三种解读——“Education in the Physical” 相关:体育概念 全人教育 身体
  • 美国社会对"Physical Education"一词的解读和认识在经历了"Education of the Physical"(即"针对身体的教育")和"Education through the Physical"(即"通过身体的教育")两种阶段后,目前出现了第3种解读和认识,即"Education in the Physical"。为探寻"Education in the Physical"被提出背后的教育理念、社会背景和时代意义等,通过文献研究法、历史研究法、比较印证法等,将"Education in the Physical"短语分解成3个部分分别进行解析,阐明了"Education through the Physical"的教育理念、价值取向、对人的影响程度和方式等问题,最后总结了"Education in the Physical"被提出的意义与进步,并抛出了3种中译方式供后续研究者参考。研究揭示了美国社会对"Physical Education"一词的解读和认识有着深刻的社会发展与时代变革背景。解读出了在"Education in the Physical"口号中蕴含的"全人教育"、关注精神层面的深刻意义和理念。研究结果对我国学校体育改革、发展的指导思想、价值取向、理念设定也具有一定的理论与实践的借鉴意义。
  • 从单刊到集群——美国物理学会Physical Review系列期刊调研 相关:物理学期刊 Physical Review
  • 回顾了Physical Review(PR)从1893年创刊,后期不断创办PR系列新刊,直至形成全球物理学期刊集群最大品牌的发展过程,探讨、分析了其成功的主要原因,并与国内情况进行了类比,以期对国内科技期刊的发展提供新的思路和借鉴.
  • Passenger’s Attention Behaviors along Street Space:A Case Study of Da Nang City 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:STREET space human
  • This study aims to understand the attention behaviors of users along street space in a Vietnamese city.Based on CEMs(capture evaluation method survey)and data processing using CA(correspondence analysis)and clustering data collection using,the street spaces are categorized into three groups.Each group has its own representative characteristics related to how people within the group pay attention.The findings show that people tend to frequently pay attention to eight fundamental elements out of the 88 elements recorded while participating in the street space.User assessment identified the elements of impact in descending order from highest in following:Sidewalks>building>trading activities&shop>garbage>street>greenery>trash bin>parking.The difference of user’s attention behavior and their assessment in different street groups is also revealed in detail in this paper.
  • Review of Being Mortal:Medicine and What Matters in the End 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:physical DECLINES families
  • Nowadays,the tendency of aging is getting more and more prominent all over the world.Experts do research and evaluate the physical and mental changes of the elderly.Atul Gawande,an American surgeon,shows his concern towards the elderly in his book Being Mortal:Medicine and What Matters in the End.He proposed a question:Medicine and what matters in the end?He attempts to appeal to the readers for the attention to psychological changes of the elderly.In this essay,I aim to give readers a brief review of the book and analyze the psychological shift of the older people.
  • Some Aspects of Physical-mechanical Properties of Apple (Malus domestica) Cultivars for High Techniques in Manufacturing 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:APPLE HARVEST processing
  • Several mechanical and physical properties of five apple cultivars (Black, Apricot, Jester, Big Ariane and Medium Ariane) had been estimated. The results showed that there were important significant differences among the cultivars in most of the parameters that were measured. Among the cultivars, Black cultivar had the highest fruit mass (207.65 g), followed by Big Ariane (188.34 g) and Medium Ariane (137.49 g). The actual fruit volume (cm3) ranged from 61.77 (Apricot) to 269.67 (Black). The highest geometric, arithmetic, square and equivalent mean diameter values were observed for Big Ariane. The surface area and projected area of cultivars were between 14.53-69 cm2 and 45.56-165.33 cm2, respectively. The maximum coefficient of static friction was obtained on plastic followed by steel, iron and glass; the maximum coefficient of dynamic friction was obtained on glass followed by steel, plastic and iron.
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