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  • Effects of seed layer on the performance of microcrystalline silicon germanium solar cells 相关:hydrogenated MICROCRYSTALLINE Silicon
  • Using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) at 13.56 MHz, a seed layer is fabricated at the initial growth stage of the hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon germanium (μc-Sil-x Gex :H) i-layer. The effects of seeding processes on the growth ofμc-Sil-xGex :H i-layers and the performance ofμc-Si 1-xGex :H p-i- n single junction solar cells are investigated. By applying this seeding method, the μc-Sil-xGex :H solar cell shows a significant improvement in short circuit current density (Jsc) and fill factor (FF) with an acceptable performance of blue response as a μc-Si:H solar cell even when the Ge content x increases up to 0.3. Finally, an improved efficiency of 7.05% is achieved for the μc-Si0.7Ge0.3 :H solar cell.
  • 国际种子检验协会2013年大会在土耳其召开 相关:国际种子检验协会 土耳其 SEED
  • 2013年6月国际种子检验协会(International Seed Testing Association,简称ISTA)第30届大会在土耳其安塔利亚召开。55个国家和地区的384名专家学者参加会议。
  • 酷玩 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:智能模块 SEED 水数
  • 麦开Seed智能随行杯 这是麦开最近发布的一款智能水杯。和其他大多数智能水杯不同的是,Seed智能随行杯没有把智能模块集成在杯身上,而是完全放在了铝合金杯盖当中。通过对瓶内空气的监控,它可提供喝水数据、每日剩余饮水量、水温、水是否新鲜等信息,这些信息不但可以在手机App上查看,还能在杯盖上显示。当然了,基本的保温保冷功能也必须要有,是吧?
  • 美国公共图书馆“Seed Library”服务实践 相关:公共图书馆 图书馆服务 SEED
  • 文章介绍了近十几年来在美国公共图书馆中逐渐开展的"Seed Library"服务项目,首先阐述了其提出背景、在公共图书馆中的缘起;而后介绍了这一服务的主要运作模式,并以皮马郡公共图书馆为例,描述其"Seed Library"开展步骤;最后对服务实践的开展进行思考并提出公共图书馆应努力保持与社会发展的相关性、承担更多社会职责、注重用户体验、引导用户自主学习能力的提升、积极寻求社会协作的建议。
  • 第4届国际种子生态学大会圆满闭幕 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:中国科学院沈阳应用生态研究所 种子带 生态学
  • 由中国科学院沈阳应用生态研究所和国际种子科学学会(The International Society for Seed Sci—race)主办、沈阳师范大学协办的第四届国际种子生态学大会(The Fourth International Society for Science Meetingon Seedsand the Environment)于2013年6月2226日在中国沈阳隆重召开。赶会主题是“种子与未来”。种子连接着过去、现在与未来,是自然遗产,也是人类的财富。当气候变化阳人类活动对植被和环境造成巨大损害时,是种子带给我们希望,赋予我们未来。
  • 浅谈超干贮藏对种子生理及其超微结构的影响 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:种子生理 超干贮藏 超微结构
  • 种子超干贮藏是近些年提出的种子贮藏的新方法,目的在于通过降低种子含水量使种子能在室温下密闭贮藏以取代或部分取代传统低温库,目前多方面研究已经证实了种子超干贮藏的可行性。种子超干贮藏(Ultra-dry seed storage),又称超低含水量贮藏(Ultra-low moisture seed storage),是指将种子含水量降至5%以下,密封后在室温条件下(或稍微降温的条件下)贮藏种子的一种方法P[1]P。
  • 种衣剂市场究竟有多火?——从拜耳第六届Seed Growth论坛看种衣剂市场发展前景 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:市场发展前景 SEED 种衣剂
  • 6月8日,拜耳第六届Seed—Growth论坛暨“速拿妥”春玉米区上市会在吉林省吉林市召开,来自拜耳作物科学总部、亚太区及中国区种子处理业务相关负责人及我国种子行业50多家企业代表应邀参会。与会代表共同见证了拜耳种衣剂新产品“速拿妥”的隆重上市,交流并探讨了种衣剂产品在国内外市场的发展现状及前景。
  • Choices of Varieties and Demand for Improved Rice Seed in Fogera District of Ethiopia 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:IMPROVED rice choice
  • In this study,151 households were randomly drawn from three randomly selected Kebele in probability proportional to size method.The demographic and socio-economic factors that determine the participation in improved varieties were household labor availability,education level of the household head,land holdings,distance to the nearest village market,proximity to the main market,and distance to access agricultural extension and access to the source of rice seeds.However,determinants of choice decision varied from cultivar to cultivar.The evidence of the study from the interdependence among the decision of adoption of improved rice varieties suggested that technology adoption will be accelerated by launching a progressively developing package and scheme of rice technology generation,and points to the importance of mobilising additional resources to augment households’efforts at popularization and promotion of improved rice cultivars.The findings from Linearized Almost Ideal Demand Systems(LA/AIDS)model showed that compelling evidence for small proportion changes in own prices and cross price of improved rice varieties led to greater than unitary proportionate changes in their purchases.The results generally showed that farmers were very sensitive to changes in improved rice seed prices and incomes.The major implication of the findings was that any intervention to improve farmers’seed purchases should take into account efforts to increase farmers’purchasing power of agricultural inputs like improved seeds and fertilizers.
  • Fossil Taiwannia from the Lower Cretaceous YixianFormation of western Liaoning,Northeast Chinaand its phytogeography significance 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:Taiwannia Lower CRETACEOUS
  • Fossil Taiwania was discovered from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Lingyuan City,western Liaoning Province,Northeast China.It is identified as a new species,Taiwania lingyuanensis sp.nov..The present specimen is preserved as impressions with well defined leaf shoots system and reproductive structures.Leaves are dimorphic,spirally and imbricately arranged.They are scale-like on the main and cone-bearing branchlets,and subulate to falcate-subulate on the juvenile or sterile shoots.The seed cones are singly elliptic,ovate or elongate-ovate and terminally borne on ultimate shoots,bearing 22–24 scale-bracts complexes imbricately and helically arranged around the cone axis,the bracts are broadovate,rhomboidal or hexagonal with entire margins.Both the leafy shoots morphology and reproductive structures are similar to extant Taiwania.Furthermore,geological distribution and molecular biological evidences support that Taiwania is probably originated from the eastern Asia at least in the Early Cretaceous and widely distributed in the North Hemisphere thereafter.
  • Fatty Acid Accumulation in Seeds of Three Seed Pumpkin Cultivars 免费阅读 下载全文 相关:SEED PUMPKIN CUCURBITA
  • In the literature there are many reports on the composition and properties of pumpkin seed oil; however, few is known about the effect of different stages of seed development on various fatty acid profiles in developing seeds. The objective of this study was to provide the changes of various fatty acid accumulations in seed oil obtained from the seeds of three pumpkin varieties belonging to the species Cucurbita maxima and Cucurbita pepo. Unsaturated acids (oleic and linoleic) were dominant in various fatty acids, which constituted 38.9%-49.1% and 29.4%-42.7% of the total fatty acids at seed maturity for three pumpkin varieties, respectively, while other fatty acid concentrations except for palmitic acid all did not reach 10%. Different varieties exhibited greater effect on various fatty acid contents and the total fatty acid contents in the seeds of pumpkin rather than the species. On the whole, palmitic acid profiles of the seed oil in three varieties all followed the fluctuant decrease during all the stages of seed development, but palmitoleic acid and the total fatty acid profiles of the seed oil in three varieties were just the opposite. Stearic, oleic and linoleic acid profiles of the seed oil in three varieties all experienced the third pattern that fluctuated during all the stages of seed development, but no significant differences in these three fatty acid concentrations were found from the beginning to the end. Linolenic acid concentrations of three varieties were on the decline and ultimately close to zero. Myristic and arachidic acid profiles of the seed oil followed different trends in three varieties. Among them, myristic and arachidic acid profiles of the seed oil of Yinhui-1 fluctuated downward all the time until seed maturity, but those of 0238-1 and Jinhui-2 completely changed oppositely.
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